Corona's eyes on the careless crowd of people in the gaiety of festivals

Corona's eyes on the careless crowd of people in the gaiety of festivals

 Third Wave Alert After the peak of the second wave of corona, now the infection rate in the country has stabilized, but it does not mean that the corona infection is over. He is still around us. He is looking for opportunities for the new living cells necessary to keep himself alive and multiply, and is helping in this, the careless crowds that throng the festivals. Onam in Kerala, Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra and Eid and Raksha Bandhan in Delhi, the number of corona infected has increased unexpectedly after every festival. The festive month has started with Durga Puja in the country. In such a situation, our slight mistake can prove to be an invitation for the third wave.

Three-fold danger from pollution, cold and congestion: The corona virus reaches another person through droplets released from the infected's sneeze, cough or breath. If no healthy living cell is found within a radius of two yards, then the virus is destroyed by falling to the ground. During the festive days people forget the danger of infection and start talking and walking closely. Keep in mind that the habit of removing the mask increases the risk of infection manifold. One infected person can make thousands of people sick. Apart from this, due to increasing pollution, the possibility of serious consequences of corona infection also increases. If precautions are not taken, then the scene like the peak of the second wave can be seen again in hospitals. During the second wave, people were not getting beds even in government and private hospitals.

Caution is also necessary among relatives: Be it festivals or marriages, people not only gather in homes, but also become careless in sharing belongingness and love. People not only sit comfortably among relatives, but also do not consider it necessary to wear masks. Children do not follow any rules like this. It would be better if the joys of the festival are celebrated on digital platforms this year too. Whether it is school or relatives' house, encourage children to wear masks and play such games in which they keep a distance of two yards.

Make these arrangements in the Governance-Administration festival

  • Arrangements should be made for entry from one side and exit from the other side to ensure physical distance is followed in the puja pandals.
  • Prasad should be given in packets so that people can wash their hands at home and receive it safely.
  • Along with banning the organizing of fairs, crowd and cleanliness should be ensured at the street food counters.
  • Those coming from outside should be marked and their corona test should be done.
  • People who came in contact with positive should be identified and investigated soon.
  • To avoid serious consequences, both the doses of the vaccine should be given to the eligible people at the earliest.
  • Ensure compliance with the rules of prevention from corona or people themselves should make it a habit

Wear a mask properly: People still have not understood the importance of masks. About half the people leave the house without a mask. Of those who do wear masks, 50 percent keep them below their mouths. The mask protects against many viral infections, including corona, provided that it covers the mouth and nose properly. The N-95 mask is considered the best.

It would be better if sick and elderly people stay in the house : It would be better that the sick and elderly people should not leave the house for a long time. The sick and the elderly should be kept in a separate room, where those coming from outside should go only after bathing and changing clothes. Apart from this, to increase their immunity, give nutritious food made at home and necessarily get both doses of the vaccine.

Take the second dose soon with a single dose:Whatever the vaccine, Covishield, Co-Vaccine or Sputnik. Don't miss out on getting the vaccine. Antibody against corona develops only by taking both doses. By taking a single dose of Co-vaccine and Sputnik, antibodies develop to some extent for the second dose i.e. 28 days and up to three months from Covishield. After the first dose, if the second dose is not taken at the prescribed time, then some fewer antibodies are developed. People who have taken the first dose of the vaccine and have not taken the second, may be infected with corona but they do not develop severe symptoms of corona. In such a situation, they can unknowingly infect others. At the same time, only ten percent of those who take both doses can become infected and only three percent develop severe symptoms. There is a possibility of death in 0.3 percent of the infected. Therefore, take both doses of the vaccine with protection.

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