No place, no place, days are counted

No place, no place, days are counted

Flood and erosion have become the destiny of Khagaria. A large number of displaced people reside in the district. They are forced to live on dams and embankments, along roads, rivers, by taking land on lease from landlords. Due to floods and erosion, they have become 'shore people'. There are dams and embankments in the length of 148 km in Khagaria district like Apna Bhoomi, Apna Ghar, a beautiful dream. Villages and villages are settled at different places on these dams and embankments. These people are people displaced by the erosion of rivers. Many people are forced to live a hellish life on dams and embankments away from basic facilities for 50 years. For them own house, own house, own land, own holding is a dream. They are deprived of basic facilities like toilets. '46 years have passed since I am on the dam,

Now even the earth will come out from here itself. 28-year-old Vikas Choudhary says- Earlier he had his own house in Thakurbasa. Kosi Maiya desolated, so for five years I have been living in a hut on the Zamindari dam. Officials have been saying for years that they are looking at land for rehabilitation. Muni Tola, Vimal Muni of Pachath says – The house was buried in the river. For 15 years, life is being cut in a roadside hut. Upendra Muni says – I have been living in a hut on the banks of Kosi for 10 years. There is fear in the flood-rainy season. It is difficult to say when this hut will also end up in the river. Lawyer Sharma's age is 80 years. Displaced by the erosion of the Ganges in 1975, Tematha settled on the retired dam. Lawyer Sharma says - it was thought at that time, soon the government will give rehabilitation, But it has been 46 years, I am on the dam. Now even the earth will come out from here. Laxmi Sharma had settled on Tematha retired dam at the age of 21, now she is 67 years old. It is said that since then till today how much water has flowed through the Ganges, but no rehabilitation has been found. Yes, lots of assurances. I came in youth, now I have become old.

There is a provision to rehabilitate such people displaced by Kot flood-erosion, who do not have their own land, by purchasing land. The process of land acquisition for the displaced is going on.

Tesh Lal Singh, Officer-in-Charge, Disaster Management, Khagaria

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