Panchayati Raj Minister's sister-in-law lost the Panchayat elections; See who has won from where, what are the trends

Panchayati Raj Minister's sister-in-law lost the Panchayat elections; See who has won from where, what are the trends

 The polling for the first phase of Panchayat elections being held in 11 phases in Bihar took place on Friday. After the voting for the election of Mukhiya, Panchayat Samit member, Ward member, Sarpanch, Panch and District Councillors, the counting of votes is going on in the respective district headquarters on Sunday. Like voting, software is also being used for counting of votes. Based on the data received from the EVMs, the result will be given through OCR software. The results will start coming soon. In the first phase, voting was held in 151 panchayats of 12 blocks in 10 districts. In this, about 60 percent of the voters had exercised their franchise. The results of the counting of votes are coming out one by one.

LIVE Bihar Panchayat Chunav 1st Phase Result

03:45 PM- Sujit Kumar Singh, district president of Mukhiya Sangh has won the election from Aurangabad. He defeated his nearest rival Santosh Kumar by 221 votes.

03:35 PM- Sunil Paswan has been elected from Sikandra Western Zilla Parishad area. Meera Devi became the chief by winning from Intasagar Panchayat by a margin of 1354 votes.

03:20 PM- Devi became Mukhiya from Nonhi Panchayat of Kako block of Jehanabad district. Former Zilla Parishad President Pushpa Devi won from Govindpur Zilla Parishad constituency 21 of Nawada.

03:00 PM- Manoj Kumar won from Bhawanpur Panchayat of Govindpur block of Nawada. He defeated Kailash Ram by 50 votes. A total of 10 candidates were in the fray in the panchayat.

02:35 PM- Mehrunnisa has won for the post of ward member in ward 12 in Manikpur Panchayat located in Tarapur block of Munger district. NS. Isa won from Ward 9 and Rashida Khatoon won from Manikpur Part II for Panchayat Samiti. Poonam Kumari was victorious for Manikpur Part I Panchayat Samiti Member.

02:15 PM- In Manikpur Panchayat of Tarapur block of Munger district, Meena Devi, sister-in-law of Samrat Chaudhary of Panchayati Raj Minister, has lost the election of Mukhiya. By defeating him, Kiran Choudhary has been elected chief for the second time. Kiran Choudhary is the wife of the cousin of late MLA Mevalal.

01:50 PM- Omprakash alias Badshah Yadav won from the post of Panchayat Samiti from Khaira Bind Panchayat of Aurangabad Sadar Block by about 600 votes. From Ki Padrawan Panchayat, Gulshan Kumar lost to Anil Paswan by 253 votes. Sarita Devi won from Panchayat Samiti area no. Sujit Singh won from Khaira Bind by 221 votes.

01:40 PM- The election results of the chiefs of two panchayats under Belaganj block of Gaya district have been declared. Anil Kumar, the outgoing head of Koramthu Panchayat of Belaganj, is said to have won again. Manoj Kumar Sharma has won the post of head of Koriyama Panchayat. Sunita Devi Mukhiya has been elected from Baksoti Panchayat of Govindpur block of Nawada. This is the first result of Nawada formally head post.

01:35 PM- Zilla Parishad candidate Rafiq Alam won by five thousand votes in Banka. Anil Paswan, the newly elected Mukhiya of Padrawan Panchayat of Aurangabad, received the certificate of victory.

01:30 PM- Nirjala Devi has won the post of head of Kathbangaon-Birbalpur Panchayat of Dhoraiya block of Banka. Tamanna Parveen has won the post of head of Makaita Babura Panchayat

01:25 PM- Manikpur Part 2 Panchayat Samiti member Rashida Khatoon defeated Vindhyavasini Devi by 69 votes in Munger. Poonam Kumari defeated Khushboo Singh by 92 votes for Manikpur Part 1 Panchayat Samiti Member. Before this, Kiran Devi became the head of Manikpur Panchayat of Munger Tarapur block.

01:20 PM- Lalan Kumar has won from Mali Panchayat of Bansi Surajpur block of Arwal district. Simran Devi from Barawa Panchayat of Kako Block of Jehanabad district and Arvind Kumar Mukhiya from Saidabad Panchayat have been declared elected. Saroj Devi Mukhiya has been elected from North Serthu Panchayat of Kako block of Jehanabad district. Ravi Shankar Choudhary has become the head from Khada Sin Panchayat of Vanshi block of Arwal district. Ajit Mistry has been victorious in the election of Zilla Parishad of Kako block of Jehanabad district.

01:10 PM- Zilla Parishad East candidate Manjari Singh is sitting inside the counting center in Aurangabad waiting for the result. Other women candidates are also present inside the counting centre.

12:50 PM- The guidelines to protect against coronavirus are seen flying in the premises of the counting center of Gaya. From administrative officers to polling personnel, candidates and supporters are seen without masks. Physical distance is also not being followed.

12:40 PM- Nasreen Nisha, the Zilla Parishad candidate from Aurangabad has been declared the winner from Aurangabad West seat. Kaushalya Devi Mukhiya won from Mathurapur.

12:20 PM- Counting of votes is going on. No untoward incident has been reported from anywhere. Ajit Mistry won by 2300 votes from Kako Block Zilla Parishad Part 1 of Jehanabad District. Lalan Kumar won the post of head from the owner panchayat of Bansi Surajpur block of Arwal district.

12:10 PM- Jaitun Bibi from Sasna Panchayat and Rinki Mishra elected head from Salthua. Kaushalya Devi elected on the post of head from Mathurapur Panchayat.

12:00 PM- Manoj Kumar Singh elected Sarpanch from Kumar Panchayat. He defeated Arvind Kumar Singh by 480 votes.

11:45 AM- The second result of Aurangabad came from Khairbind Panchayat. There incumbent Sujit Kumar Singh defeated Santosh Kumar by 221 votes.

11:35 AM- Gulshan Kumar, the current head of Padrawan Panchayat of Aurangabad Sadar Block, lost to Anil Paswan by 253 votes. Anil Paswan got 1395 votes. Whereas, Gulshan Kumar got 1142 votes.

11:28 AM- Kiran Devi elected from Gokhula Fatehpur Panchayat on the post of headman by 643 votes. Kiran Devi got 1651 votes and Runa Devi got 1009 votes.

11:20 AM- Rajkumar won by 303 votes in a triangular contest from Kumar Panchayat Samiti of Jamui. He defeated Vinod Kumar Mandal. Rajkumar got 1600 votes and Vinod Kumar Mandal got 1297 votes.

11:10 AM- Deputy chief Nayar Khan has won again from Pohe Panchayat Samiti northern part of Jamui. He defeated Sanjit Singh by 70 votes. Anil Paswan, the head candidate from Padrawan Panchayat of Aurangabad, has been victorious. He defeated Gulshan Kumar by 266 votes.

11.00 AM-  Balbir Yadav in ward one of Govindpur block of Nawada district, Radhia Devi in ​​two, Mobina Khatoon in three, Rafida Khatoon in four, Lalita Devi in ​​five, Sunita Devi in ​​six, Surji Devi in ​​seven, Khushnuma Parveen in eight, Binda Yadav in nine, Jitendra Kumar in 10, Arvind Kumar in 11, Kaushalya Devi in ​​12, Shashibhushan Prasad in 13 and Anuj Kumar in 14 have been declared victorious. On the other hand, Deputy Chief Nayyar Khan has won again from Pohe Panchayat Samiti northern part of Jamui district.  

10:45 AM- In Rohtas, only the former Mukhiya won from Jamshona Panchayat of Dawath. Mithlesh Kumar Yadav won the election for the post of chief in Sanjhauli's Chandi. On the other hand, Manoj Mandal won from Pohe Panchayat of Sikandra block of Jamui district. 

10:30 AM- Ashok Chaurasia Mukhiya has been elected from Kharhana Panchayat of Kudra block of Kaimur. The first result of Aurangabad has come for Ward 10 of Padrawan Panchayat. There Rajkumar Choubey defeated Bablu Singh by 13 votes. Rajkumar Choubey got 114 votes while Bablu Singh got 101 votes.

10:15 AM- The result of the post of headman has come from Kumar Panchayat under Sikandra block of Jamui. Shambhu Singh won from here by 1280 votes. Shambhu Singh has got 2619 votes. He defeated Sanjeev Ranjan. Sanjeev Ranjan got 1339 votes. After the victory of Shambhu Singh, his supporters are happy outside the counting center.

10:00 AM- The counting of votes for the first phase of Panchayat elections continues. So far no trend or result has come from anywhere. However, the trends and results will start coming soon.

09:45 AM- After one and a half hours in Aurangabad, the counting of votes of Padrawan Panchayat started first. Counting of votes of Baksoti Panchayat of Govindpur block of Nawada also started.

09:30 AM- With the counting of votes, trends and results will start coming after sometime. During this, flower and sweet shops have already started outside the counting centers to welcome the newly elected public representative

09:15 AM- Counting of votes has not started yet in Gaya district. District Magistrate Abhishek Singh has reached the counting center. Counting of votes will take more than half an hour.

09:00 AM- Counting of votes of Padrawan Panchayat of Aurangabad Sadar block started late, but after five minutes it has stopped again due to unavoidable reasons. According to the information received from the district administration sources, it will take more than half an hour for the counting of votes to begin. Counting of votes is also getting delayed in many other places.

08:45 AM- The counting of votes for the results of the first phase of panchayat elections has started in Gaya district today. Trend will come by 10 am. On the other hand, counting of votes has not yet started in Aurangabad and Nawada.

08:30 AM- In Govindpur block of Nawada, the seat of Zilla Parishad ij Pushpa Devi is competing with Sarita Devi and Usha Devi. The seat is reserved for the scheduled women category. In the last election, Pushpa Devi had won.

08:15 AM- The fate of the candidates of Padrawan Panchayat of Sadar block will be decided first in the counting of votes for the first phase of Panchayat elections in Aurangabad. Whereas, in the end, the results of the candidates of Jamhor Panchayat will come. The counting of votes has not started here yet.

08:00 AM- The counting of votes for the first phase of Panchayat elections in 151 panchayats of 12 blocks of 10 districts started. Now the results will start coming soon. First of all, the results of EVM voting will come.

07:45 AM- In order to decide the fate of 1095 candidates of 13 panchayats of Sikandra block along with Jamui, a counting center has been set up in KKM College located at the district headquarters. Section 144 has been imposed in various areas for the purpose of maintaining peace and order in the city regarding counting of votes. The movement of vehicles has been banned on various routes.

07:30 AM- To decide the fate of a total of 923 candidates of nine panchayats of Govindpur block of Nawada, the counting of votes is going to be held in KLS College. Candidates and supporters have started coming. People are entering the counting center in a queue.

07:15 AM- Counting of votes is going on in Dhoraya of Banka, Tarapur of Munger and Sikandra blocks of Jamui on September 24. Counting of votes will take place at PBS College in Banka from 8 am. The counting personnel had reached only at five in the morning. The result of Makaita-Babura Panchayat of Dhoraiya will come first. The result is expected to be declared by 9 am. After this the results of Kathbangaon and Gaura panchayats will come from 10 am. The results of two to three panchayats will be released every hour.

07:00 AM- The counting of votes of 10 panchayats of Tarapur block of Munger is going to be held at Diet Center Munger. For counting of votes, 17 tables have been made there.

06:45 AM- Strong room and counting center for Belaganj in Gaya have been built in Manviki Bhawan and counting hall for Khijrasarai has been built in Manviki Bhawan of Gaya College. The counting of votes there will start at 8. The elections of Panch and Sarpanch have been conducted through ballot paper, whose results will take more time to come. The results will be out soon as the EVMs will be used for the remaining four posts.

06:30 AM- Tight security arrangements have been made for the counting of votes. People's eyes are on this. During and after the counting of votes, the supporters of the candidates do not get entangled with each other, the administration is keeping a close watch on this.

06:00 AM- 15078 candidates have tried their luck for a total of 4646 posts in the first phase. Of these, the number of male candidates is 7191. Whereas, 7887 women have also kept the rhythm. In the first phase, 858 candidates have already been elected unopposed. Due to non-enrolment, 72 posts also remained vacant. Due to technical reasons, re-polling will also be conducted on one post of Panchayat Samiti member in Arwal district.

where was the voting

(District Wise Voting Percentage)

  • Rohtas - 62.50
  • Kaimur - 60.04
  • Aurangabad - 62.00
  • Gaya - 60.50
  • Nawada - 57.75
  • Jehanabad - 56.69
  • Arwal - 59.00
  • Banka - 61.00
  • Munger - 57.50
  • Jamui - 61.50

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