Prisoner died due to beating in Nawada jail, revealed in the report of the investigation team; sword hanging on the jailer

Prisoner died due to beating in Nawada jail, revealed in the report of the investigation team; sword hanging on the jailer

 Investigation has been completed in the death of Mandalkara captive Guddu Kumar. The team has submitted its investigation report to District Magistrate Yash Pal Meena. In which the death of the prisoner from inside the jail has come to the fore and the jail administration is involved in it. Now after this report, the troubles of the jail authorities have increased. The sword of action hangs on the jail officials. The team officials have submitted their report in a closed envelope. In which the videography of the statements of the witnesses has also been given. A total of 70 pages of report including statements of witnesses, postmortem report have been submitted. In the post-mortem report, the matter of spleen rape has come to the fore. It is clear that there has been brutal beating inside the jail. which led to his death.

The investigation report is shocking, the footage of the day of the incident is missing

The investigation of the officers has exposed the taint of the jail administration. The report that the team has submitted is quite shocking. District Magistrate Yash Pal Meena said that on September 6, an inquiry was conducted at the administrative level regarding Guddu's death. Sadar SDM Umesh Kumar Bharti, SDPO Upendra Prasad, ACMO Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Mohan and Rajiv Kumar of DIU were included in the team. When the investigation team reached Mandal Kara and checked the CCTV footage, it was found that there is no footage after 11.50 pm on 5th September. In such a situation, it is clear that the jail authorities spoiled the CCTV for fear of revealing the secret.

The statements of the prisoners are also different, raising questions

The investigation team has taken different statements from 70-75 prisoners lodged in Mandal Jail. In which those prisoners have given different information to the investigating officers. Some prisoner has said that Guddu was treated inside the ward due to deteriorating health, while someone told that outside the ward. Some talked about treatment in the cell and some in the jail hospital. In such a situation, the question abounds that under what circumstances are the people lodged in the same ward giving different statements. In the statements of the prisoners, a huge difference was also found between the time of Guddu's illness and his treatment. By the way, one thing similarity was found in the statement of the prisoners that Guddu was addicted to alcohol. He was screaming incessantly in the ward. It is believed that for this reason he was beaten up.

40 minutes to cover a distance of two kilometers

In the investigation it was found that on the first of 6 September at 3:10 am, the detainee was sent to Sadar Hospital by ambulance. While in the hospital at 3:50 am, the doctor declared him dead on seeing him. The investigation team has clearly acknowledged the involvement of the jail administration in this. Since, there is no traffic problem in the city during morning hours and the distance from jail to Sadar Hospital is just two kilometers. In such a situation, taking so much time indicates something else somewhere.

No stain was found on the body in the footage of 3rd date

Investigating officers checked the CCTV footage from Rajauli police station to Mandal Kara. Guddu was caught on 2 September. The footage from that time till the time he was taken out of Hajat was examined. After this, the footage of the entry in the Mandal jail on 3rd September was checked. In this sequence, the officers found that there is no mark of tying on his wrist. He remained quite comfortably in the Hajat. He was not screaming in any kind of pain.

DM recommended for judicial inquiry

District Magistrate Yash Pal Meena said that after the administrative inquiry report, a letter has been written to the District Judge for judicial inquiry into the matter. Correspondence has been made to the National Human Rights Commission for investigation. Magadha commissioner has also been apprised of the inquiry report. Along with this, the jail department has been written for a high-level inquiry recommending action against the jail superintendent.

what is the event

On 6 September, the prisoner of Mandal Jail, Guddu Kumar, was killed. The jail authorities were citing death due to illness. But, due to the deep marks of beating on the body of the deceased, the relatives had accused the jail administration of murder. The deceased's uncle Kapildev Singh lodged a murder FIR against the jail administration in the city police station. The deceased was a resident of Sohda village of Rajauli police station area. He was caught with alcohol on September 2. He was sent to jail on 3 September.

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