Rotary Club honored NCC volunteers in West Champaran

Rotary Club honored NCC volunteers in West Champaran

 On the occasion of Amrit Mahotsav, 40 volunteers of 25th Battalion of NCC reached Narkatiaganj, where they were accorded a grand welcome. In honor of the volunteers who left for Bhitiharwa Gandhi Ashram from Patna, the local units of Rotary and Rotract Club were engaged. As soon as they reached Verma Chowk in the city in their cycle journey, they were honored with flower garlands one by one. A short program was also organized in this sequence.

Club President Verma Prasad and Secretary Pradeep Kumar Srivastava welcomed Dr. Shravan Kumar, Director of the Battalion, Director Rajesh Kumar, CTO Vinay Kumar, Omprakash Jisios with a garland of flowers. Said that the office bearers and volunteers of the battalion have got an opportunity to welcome Gandhi and Chanakya on the earth. On Amrit Mahotsav, we are all proud by honoring his indomitable courage and loyalty to the country. Then club president Verma Prasad flagged off the team for Bhitiharwa Gandhi Ashram.

The soil of Champaran is full of dedication and struggle

Former Director of Battalion Dr. Shravan Kumar said that I am overwhelmed by the honor given by the members of Rotary Club and Rotract Club. It was felt today that Champaran made Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi due to these qualities. The soil here is full of dedication, struggle and sacrifice. He said that in order to reach Bettiah Rava Ashram from Patna, the journey is being completed by paying homage to the places where Mahatma Gandhi had reached. The volunteers of the battalion like Harsh Kumar, Ratan Kumar, Abhay Kumar, Soni Kumari, Gudiya Kumari etc. were involved. All the members including Krishna Kumar Pathak, Ashish Kumar, Dr. BK Chauhan, Shokhlal Jaiswal, Atul Kumar, Rotract Club's Chandan Kumar, President Shashikant Pathak, Sudisht Kumar, Prince Kumar, Anurag Kumar, Sudhir Kumar, Chhotu Tiwari were active in making the program a success. are.

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