State government bans pension of JP fighters, Congress leader made a big demand

State government bans pension of JP fighters, Congress leader made a big demand

 Along with the increase in the pension of JP fighters involved in the JP movement, the Congress has attacked the state government. Congress MLC Premchand Mishra, terming this increase as unfair, said that the pension given to JP fighters is a misuse of government money. He said that such a scheme should be completely abolished. Mishra said that JP's movement was launched against the Congress government. The movement was driven by a political ambition. Giving thousands of rupees as pension to those political workers who went to jail in the movement is a misuse of government money.

The government is distributing the money of the government treasury among the supporters 

He said that taking money from the government treasury and distributing it among his supporters is a wrong practice. He asked that how long will the agitator of 45 years ago continue to be given money from the government treasury. If there is a demand to increase the pension of the poor, disabled, women, old people to only Rs 400 per month, the Chief Minister refuses, saying the lack of money, but in the name of JP fighters, the supporters will be increased from five thousand to seven and a half thousand pension every month. Dena in itself raises many questions. Let us inform that the Bihar government has announced to increase the amount of pension of JP fighters. 

RJD said - pension should not be stopped 

Here the politics has been heated by this statement of the Congress leader. JD(U) spokesperson Neeraj Kumar said that the JP movement was a fight against authoritarianism. JP Senani did not go to jail out of party loyalty. He said that Congress leaders should think before making such a statement. On the other hand, RJD spokesperson Chittaranjan Gagan said that the JP movement was not associated with any party. Pension should not stop. It should also include those who were taking forward the movement by going underground. Along with this, the government should also increase the amount of social security pension. 

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