The appearance of rural banks can change in Bihar, from customers to employees, it will benefit

The appearance of rural banks can change in Bihar, from customers to employees, it will benefit

There is hope for a big change in the rural banks of Bihar. Not only will there be a change in the structure of the bank, it is also proposed to amend the service conditions of the officers and employees working there. Joint Forum of Gramin Bank convener DN Trivedi said that the initiative being taken by the central government has given hope for a positive change. He has said that the negotiations with the Joint Forum of Gramin Bank Unions in front of the Deputy Chief Labor Commissioner, New Delhi, Ministry of Labor have been successful. The impact of this change in banks will also be likely to affect the services provided to the consumers. As the banks become more robust, the quality of services is bound to improve.

At present, 35 percent of the shares are with the sponsor banks.

Trivedi said that the share capital and structure of 43 rural banks of the country are expected to change soon. In rural banks, 50 sponsor banks of the central government have 35 percent and the state government has 15 percent share capital, which can be seen soon. Trivedi said that it has also been agreed to implement the other allowances and benefits of the second phase of the 11th Bilateral Wage Agreement within 15 days. Necessary amendments in the leave, pension, and gratuity clauses of service conditions and in matters like appointment on compassionate grounds can also see wide changes. It has been agreed upon.

There are mainly two Gramin Banks working in Bihar

There are mainly two Gramin Banks functioning in Bihar. Among these, the sponsor of Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank is Central Bank of India. At the same time, Dakshin Bihar Gramin Bank is functioning in the southern part of the state. Earlier there used to be three Gramin Banks in the state. Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank and Bihar Gramin Bank were merged together to name Dakshin Bihar Gramin Bank, whose work area is in 20 districts of the state. Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank branches work in remaining districts.

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