Give some break to shaving, take care of grooming beard like this

Give some break to shaving, take care of grooming beard like this

Beard and hair growth are dependent on a person's genes and may vary from person to person. If the length of the beard is good, then it takes 1-2 years. It has to be trimmed from time to time and its grooming routine also needs to be taken care of daily.

Rule number 1: Take care of hygiene

To clean the beard, wash the beard every other day with a good beard wash and beard conditioner. This will not only keep the hair of the beard clean but will also retain moisture in it. In this way the skin under the beard will also be protected from infection.

Rule No. 2: Keep Trimming

It is important to keep trimming the beard to maintain its good growth. Moisture during monsoon season can spoil the texture of the beard. In this case, keep trimming it every week. If you are thinking that the hair of the beard has grown with great difficulty, it will reduce after trimming, then change this thinking. If trimming is not done, the beard hair can get tangled, their natural moisture can also be lost. Keep in mind that trimming also helps in increasing hair growth.

Rule No. 3: Apply Beard Oil

Do not forget to apply beard oil for good growth. Apply oil towards the roots of the beard. Use natural ingredients and oils like essential oils. These oils increase hair growth. After some time shampoo the beard. By doing this, the hair of the beard does not look dry.

Rule No. 4: Apply Beard Moisturizer

To keep the beard shiny and soft, it is important to apply a beer moisturizer. Beard hair requires more care than head hair. According to hair expert Lia$kat Ali, 'Especially in the monsoon season, only such a moisturizer should be used for beard which is comedogenic. To keep the beard's hair thick, it is necessary to use it regularly.

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