Gold prices fell again: prices falling sharply, hurry not to be late

Gold prices fell again: prices falling sharply, hurry not to be late

New Delhi. Gold is getting cheaper by one day. In such a situation, gold ie yellow metal (24 carat) has become cheaper by Rs 4,963 (9.89 percent) in the bullion market from January 1 this year. Today, the gold price in the country has almost reached a 10-month low. Due to which today gold futures on MCX was down by 0.11% and was trading at 45,500 per 10 grams. Let me tell you that this has fallen for the sixth time in the last seven days.

Gold and silver price

If we talk about silver with gold, silver futures remained flat at 69,216 per kg. While gold has become cheaper by about 11 thousand rupees in 10 months. Due to which gold reached a record level of Rs 56,200 in August 2020.

On Wednesday, the price of gold (GOLD) reached Rs 45,500 per 10 grams in Delhi Bullion Market. Which is the lowest level of 10 months. During the last trading session, gold had closed at Rs 44,760 per 10 grams in Delhi Bullion Market. On the other hand, spot gold fell 0.2% to $ 1,734.16 an ounce in the international market.

In delhi bullion market

There was no significant impact on silver prices on Wednesday. In this case, silver futures in Delhi bullion market remained flat at 69,216 per kg. The precious metal was down by Rs 1,847 to close at Rs 67,073 per kg in the previous trading session. In such a situation, silver slipped 0.3% to $ 26.67 an ounce in the international market today.

In this regard, International and Commodity at Capital Advisor Kshitij Purohit said that gold is still trending sideways. There will be no major change in its price and MCX Gold can remain at the level of 45600-45800.

Sensex opens with gains of 108 and Nifty 54 points

Sensex opens with gains of 108 and Nifty 54 points

Business Desk: Shares opened up on Tuesday for the second day of trading. Sensex opened 108.15 points and Nifty 54.1 points up. Today, out of the 32 indexes included in the BSE, 31 indexes opened up. At the same time, 20 of the 23 sectors opened up. Bank of Maharashtra shares are up about 12%. Earlier on Monday, due to Corona and lockdown, the stock market saw a huge decline. The Sensex was down 1707 points to close at 47,883. At the same time, the Nifty also fell 524 points to close at 14,310. 29 of the 30 stocks included in the Sensex were down.

Asian stock markets rise

Hong Kong's Hangseng index is trading up 322 points at 28,718.
China's Shanghai Composite Index also declined marginally by 0.27 points to 3,412.
Korea's Kospi index is trading at 3,164 with a gain of 28 points.
Australia's All Ordinaries Index gained 4 points to 7,229.
Japan's Nikkei index is trading up 288 points at 29,827.
Decline in US markets On
Monday, the US market also saw a downward trend. The Dow Jones was down 55.20 points at 33,745.40, down 0.16%. The Nasdaq closed down 0.36% to close at 50.19 points at 13,850.00. However, the S&P 500 index also closed up 0.23 points at 4,129.03. Similarly, the markets of France and Germany also declined.