This is LIC's tremendous scheme

This is LIC's tremendous scheme

Life Insurance Corporation of India is trusted the most to ensure people across the country. In today's time, people are investing heavily in life insurance policies. If you also want to make a secure investment, then LIC has come up with a great plan for you. On investing in this, the pension you will get for the first time, the same pension will continue to be available for your whole life.

LIC Saral Pension Yojana
In this news, we are going to tell you about LIC's Saral Pension Yojana. This is an Immediate Annuity plan. You start getting a pension as soon as you take the policy in it, it is a single premium pension plan.

Don't wait to turn 60
The best thing about this is that after taking this policy, you will get the same pension as for the first time. You will continue to get the same pension for the rest of your life. After investing in this, you do not need to wait for more than 60 years of age for a pension. In this scheme, you start getting a pension even at the age of 40.

Take advantage of this scheme
Let us tell you that you can take advantage of Saral Pension Yojana in two ways. The first in this is a single life, in which the policy will be in the name of anyone. On his death, the amount of the base premium is received by the nominee. Also, the second option is joint life. In this, both husband and wife are covered. First, the primary pensioner gets a pension and after his death pension will be given to his spouse. If both of them die then after their death the amount base premium will be given to the nominee in their next of kin.

These people can take the plan
People of a minimum of 40 years and a maximum of 80 years can take advantage of this plan. In this, the pension continues to be received as long as the pensioner is alive. Also, the policy can be closed anytime after 6 months of inception. In this, you can take a pension every month, every 3 months, every 6 months, or once in 12 months.

what is the condition?
In this plan, you will start getting loans after the first 6 months. You can exit the scheme after 6 months. In this, a fixed interest of 5 percent is available every year. You will get a pension as long as you are alive.

This is how you will get a pension of 1 lakh rupees
In this scheme, you will have to take a minimum annual pension of Rs 1,000 per month or Rs 12,000. You will have to invest 2.5 lakhs for this. There is no limit to taking most of the pensions in this. You can get a pension of Rs 50250 every year by paying a single premium of Rs 10 lakh. Here you should be 40 years old. Similarly, for an annual pension of Rs 1 lakh, you will have to invest a lump sum of Rs 20 lakh.

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