Akshay Kumar says ‘we can’t inspire closed mindedness or a one-sided society’

Akshay Kumar says ‘we can’t inspire closed mindedness or a one-sided society’

Whether it’s unique thru his motion pictures or spreading smiles with his wit and humour — Akshay Kumar has been the Santa in the lives of many, for years.

Yet, the actor, at his modest best, doesn’t prefer to take savings for any of that. On Christmas, excited about his upcoming release, Good Newwz, the actor talks about the Santa in his life, how he ensures that his youngsters — Aarav and Nitara — appreciate all religions and cultures, and being grateful for how existence has been.

It’s Christmas and Good Newwz is here... Does that make it even merrier?

Christmas is constantly a completely satisfied time all over the world. We all celebrate, consume plenty of cake, provide presents, be secret Santa, celebration and I can go on and on. And I’ve to say that there couldn’t have been a better launch date for Good Newwz. It’s such a comfortable movie with such a massive heart, so,yes, it does make it merrier.

In these 28 years that you’ve spent in the film industry, who would you say has been your Santa?

To be honest, I’ve had a few Santa’s in my life. From my mom to my managers to my group of workers — they are the family in my existence that have helped me be on Santa’s true listing and guided me and been the force in the back of me to make all my wishes come true. Without any one of them, I’d be lost, any time of the year. Regardless of how my films perform, it’s the humans in my existence that I experience most blessed to have.

Whether it’s Bharat Ke Veer or donating for grief-stricken areas or your fan clubs organising blood donation camps on your birthday, in a way you’ve been that Santa for so many people. Does it fill you with a lot of gratitude?

Giving is a very private element and it have to be saved that way I feel. One  now not boast about it. There are many unfortunate things out there and now not so many fortunate people. If by using your act of giving you can make even an ounce of a difference in anyone’s life, that’s a long way bigger than any prayer. I’m no Santa, I just like sharing what I can with whoever I can.

As a father, how have you ensured that your children admire all religions and festivals that exist?

By being open minded, loving and caring for humans from special cultures. I really accept as true with that units a exquisite tone for youth to be aware and respect everyone’s beliefs. I don’t suppose there’s any competition out there that any person — either our buddies or household — doesn’t have a good time at some factor in the course of the year, therefore they (my kids) get to understand many customs that people enjoy. The world is so diverse, youngsters have the proper to journey what their hearts desire, I’d in no way hinder my children because of what I myself comply with or don’t follow; we can’t encourage closed mindedness or a one-sided society. Life is to be enjoyed not certain by way of rules written with the aid of men before you and I had been even born.

Lastly, if you had one wish to ask from Secret Santa, what would that be?

My desire will be asking for freedom from all the demons that live inside us and the peace thereafter. A country of no violence, love and harmony.