Bigg Boss 13’s Paras Chhabra on tattoo of lady friend Akanksha Puri’s name: ‘I was mindf**ked, I had to’

Bigg Boss 13’s Paras Chhabra on tattoo of lady friend Akanksha Puri’s name: ‘I was mindf**ked, I had to’

Paras Chhabra made a shocking revelation about the tattoo of his girlfriend’s title in the brand new episode of Bigg Boss thirteen He said that he used to be pressurised by using his lady friend Akanksha Puri to get her name inked on his wrist.

In a dialog with Arhaan Khan, he said, “Kyun maine tattoo banwaya, yeh purpose nahi pata tujhe? I used to be mindf**ked toh I had to, ki chal tu shaant ho jaa,” he said, adding that she would constantly ask him to prove his love and dedication towards her. “Usko agar most important khush karta hoon aur usko tattoo se khushi milti hai, toh theek hai,” he said.

Arhaan pointed out that it was stupid to get someone’s title permanently inked on the body solely out of pressure. Paras replied that he should usually adjust the tattoo when the need arose.“Kitna bada tattoo hai? Yeh tattoo maine iss tareeke se banwaya hai ki kal ko agar mujhe kuch aur banwana ho toh,” he said.

In February, Akanksha shared a photograph of Paras’s tattoo on Instagram and called it the “bestest gift ever”. She wrote, “You made me fall in love with my title and myself all over again!! I generally have a lot to say however this time you left me Speechless @parasvchhabrra,” she wrote.

“I so wish I was once there retaining your hand when you had been going thru this ache you baby make me fall in love with you over and over again. #bestestgiftever #love #life #tattoo #tattooed #inked #loveyou #beautiful #wow #special #speechless #nowords #you #me #888 #8 #happinessoverloaded #happyme #beinghappy #beingme #akankshapuri,” she added.

In an previously episode of Bigg Boss 13, Paras stated that he has tried to smash up with Akanksha on numerous occasions, however could not do so because she would damage down and he did not want to hurt her. Reacting to the same, she advised Pinkvilla, “I knew he is playing his sport and will be going to any extent to win his game. I was all prepared about him flirting with girls and promoting his playboy photo everything, but he announcing all that has even surprised me.”

She introduced that she would now not react to whatever until he is back from the Bigg Boss house and clears matters out with her. “But he is a properly participant and is one of the strongest contestants in the show. I favor to simply guide him,” she said.