Kangana Ranaut ready to enter politics

Kangana Ranaut ready to enter politics

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is also known for her outspoken statements on political issues. The actress has cleared her political stand every time. She openly expresses her views on political issues to social and country problems. This impeccable actress of Bollywood has now announced herself to enter politics. In the midst of the Himachal Pradesh Panchayat Election, Kangana Ranaut has expressed her desire to contest from her hometown.

Kangana wants to contest elections on the BJP ticket

 Panchayat elections are about to be held in Himachal Pradesh. Kangana Ranaut also came to attend the program regarding this. Himachal is the hometown of Kangana. Elections are to be held in the state and meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut announced that she wants to contest from Himachal Pradesh. Actress Kangana, who plays former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in her upcoming film 'Emergency', said that she is ready to contest elections if the public wants and the Bharatiya Janata Party gives her a ticket.

The family turned from Congress to BJP supporter

Kangana said- I come from a political family. My father was also in politics. Whatever our system has been, my father did everything through the Congress party. But when Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government was formed in 2014, a sudden transformation took place. My father first told me about the PM and in 2014 we converted from the official Congress to BJP.

Kangana wants to serve her hometown Himachal

On plans to enter politics, Kangana Ranaut said, "According to the circumstances, if the BJP government wants my participation, then I am ready for all kinds of participation." It would be good if the people of Himachal Pradesh give me a chance to serve. So definitely, it will be a matter of good luck.'

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