Kangana said by tweeting and slapping her father, the users said - 'Thu hai aap ko'

Kangana said by tweeting and slapping her father, the users said - 'Thu hai aap ko'

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut comes out on Twitter on a fierce day. She expresses her opinion on everything from Bollywood to social issues. But this time Kangana has shared some things related to her life.

He has made several tweets and has referred to the incident which has deteriorated the relationship with his father. Not only this, Kangana has also written that she also talked about slapping her father. On seeing this tweet, people were agitated and gave many reactions.

Talking about Kangana's first tweet, she wrote in it - ' My father had a license rifle and guns, in his childhood days he did not scold but roared, my ribs would tremble. During his youth, he was famous for gang warfare in college, due to which he got the identity of goon. I fought her at the age of 15 and left home and at the age of 15 became the first rebel Rajput woman. '

In the second tweet, Kangana wrote- ' This Chillar Industry thinks that success has crossed my mind and they can fix me, I was always a Baaghi just after being successful, my voice has become elevated and today I am the nation's I am the most important voice. History is the witness who tried to improve me, I corrected it

Said to flip and slap father
In her third tweet, Kangana wrote with her father's photo- 'My father wanted to make me the best doctor in the world. He felt that he was becoming a revolutionary father by teaching at Best Institutions. When I refused to go to school, they tried to slap me, I held their hand and said, if you slap me, I will also slap.

'It was the end of our relationship, something changed in their eyes, they looked at me then looked at my mother and walked from the room, I knew I had crossed the line and could never get them back but you can think To what extent can I go to break the shackles, no one can tie me up. '

On this same tweet of Kangana, people gave many reactions-

A user wrote - ' Thu is on you who speak such words to your father, blind devotees who support you blindly, they have pity for me that they support such crazy woman who uses such words from her father. She speaks, be a contractor of Hinduism and it is not known that in Hindus, father is older than God.

One wrote- 'It seems that today the father has put a class in the child at home. cooled down!!' 

The other user commented and said - " You are the best, everyone is foolish people, this is your biggest misconception, what to do." 
One wrote - 'What will happen to the nation that is not a woman who is civilized?' 

'It would have been better if you had not told this thing threatening to slap your father. Knowing that you used to treat your father like this, you fell a bit out of sight. 

Talking about work, Kangana is going to be seen in the film 'Thalaivi' very soon. Apart from this, the actress is currently shooting for the film Dhakad. Apart from this, the actress will also be seen in the film 'Tejas'.

Kangana took a dig at the government for the decision to lockdown again in Maharashtra, saying 'Changu Mangu gang is fighting the crisis or not'

Kangana took a dig at the government for the decision to lockdown again in Maharashtra, saying 'Changu Mangu gang is fighting the crisis or not'

Actress Kangana Ranoun stays in the news for the day. Recently, she has once again come in the discussion about her tweet. This time Kangana has given her reaction to the government on the decision to impose lockdown in Maharashtra.

In fact, last Monday, Maharashtra government officials said that the state has once again come close to lockdown. Kangana Ranot took a dig at the Maharashtra government for this statement of the officials. He tweeted, 'Can anyone tell me if Maharashtra has a lockdown? Semi Lockdown? Or fake lockdown? What is happening here? Anyone wants to take a decisive decision. Whether or not the Changu Mangu gang is fighting the existential crisis, every moment is hanging like a sword. '

In a tweet on this, Kangana wrote- 'Just after this meeting, they closed the cinema hall for the whole month. It is a shameful thing. Why not complete a week's full lockdown to break the chain of the world's best CM virus? This partial lockdown will not stop the virus, only the business will shut down. '

Both of Kangana's tweets are becoming very viral and fans are also commenting on this.
Let us know that Kangana Ranaut's upcoming film Thalaivi was also scheduled to be released on April 23 this month, but due to Corona, it has been postponed.