'Kumkum' fame actor Anuj Saxena was arrested by the police, for the fraud of Rs 141 crore

'Kumkum' fame actor Anuj Saxena was arrested by the police, for the fraud of Rs 141 crore

Team Police has arrested actor Anuj Saxena, who appeared in the TV serials 'Kusum' and 'Kumkum'. The police arrested them in the case of fraud. Anuj is accused of grabbing Rs 141 crore from investors in his company.

Anuj has been arrested by the Mumbai Police's Economic Offenses Wing on the complaint of an investor of the company. The complainant says that the actor had promised him a better return till 2015 in return for investment in 2012, which has not yet been returned. After this, the company did not give any answer nor money to the investors. 

Anuj has said in his defense that he became the COO of the company in 2015 and he has no knowledge of the investment in the company. Along with this, he has also appealed for bail himself. He has said that his company makes kits and sanitizers and he should be given bail in view of the corona virus infection. However, the court has accepted Anuj's remand till Monday May 3, believing the Mumbai Police.

Let me tell you, Anuj Saxena has worked in many serials of TV. The list includes Kusum, Kumkum - a cute little bond besides Kora Paper, Kuch Pall Saath Tumhara, Sara Akash, Rishtey ki dor, Pratima like serial. He has also acted in two films, namely Chase and Paranthe Wali Gali.

Health Update: Corona infected actor Anirudh Dave's condition improves, discharge soon

Health Update: Corona infected actor Anirudh Dave's condition improves, discharge soon

Mumbai: TV actor Anirudh Dave recently became Corona positive. After coming to Corona Test positive, he isolated himself in Bhopal. But he was admitted to the ICU after his health worsened. Only after this news, his fans and friends are asking for prayers. Now there is good news for his fans.

According to reports, the 'Patiala Babes' actor's health is already improving and he can be discharged soon. According to a news portal, Anirudh's health is getting better than before and he can be discharged in the coming few days.

Wife posted an emotional share
After Anirudh's poor health, his wife Shubhi went to Bhopal to take care of him. He shared an emotional post on social media before going to Bhopal. While sharing a picture with Anirudh's son, he wrote- ' I am going to meet Anirudh now .  He is currently fighting a war with Corona, his health is not right, he is very critical in the hospital.

Here, I have to leave my 2-month-old son at home. This is the most difficult time of my life. Where on one side our son Anishka needs me, because he is still very young. On the other hand, I have to go to see Anirudh in the hospital. Friends of Anirudh's industry are praying for him on social media so that he can get well soon.

Please tell that Anirudh became corona positive during the shooting of a web series in Bhopal, after isolating himself, he had isolated himself.

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