Mahira Sharma ‘trying to deflect blame’ over solid award, claim organisers as they once more demand apology

Mahira Sharma ‘trying to deflect blame’ over solid award, claim organisers as they once more demand apology

The controversy around Bigg Boss thirteen contestant Mahira Sharma’s allegedly solid Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival award refuses to die down.

After her statement in which she claimed that she used to be given the certificates of perception for being the ‘Most Fashionable Contestant of Bigg Boss 13’ off-stage with the aid of one Premal Mehta, the organisers issued a clean assertion in which they have accused her of “clearly (attempting) to deflect from the trouble caused with the aid of her and push the blame on a third party”.

According to the organisers, Mahira was once sent a legal be aware on Sunday (February 23), in which she used to be requested to take down the put up claiming she gained a Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival award and apologise for the injury caused to the brand. “Two formal communications had been made with her, where one was the intimation letter stated above and the different used to be a formal mail shared to her and her crew on twenty fourth February 2020 (Monday). The team had genuinely stated to her that a formal apology has to be shared from her end within 48 hours as her publish had without a doubt violated the brand’s IP property and company collaterals which led to poor PR and damages to the DPIFF team,” their declaration read.

“Ms Mahira Sharma posted her response assertion on her Instagram account on twenty fourth February 2020 after receiving both the conversation from our team the place she has actually attempted to deflect from the hassle prompted by her and push the blame on a 0.33 party,” it added.

The organisers shared a photograph collage of the fake certificate and an proper one, pointing out the differences between the two. Responding to Mahira’s clarification, they said, “It is truely unappreciated that she still claims that the award has not been cast and is unapologetic about the same.”

“Even now, we are looking for an amicable decision in this regard thru an apology which we have asked Ms Mahira Sharma to post. Even though she has referred to as this incident to be ‘untrue’, we nevertheless stand by means of our claims on this rely and count on her to share an apology. We shall be patiently ready for the same,” the assertion from the organisers added.

The organisers stated that Premal, who supposedly passed out the certificate to Mahira, used to be an “external PR” who coordinates with celebrities to attend the awards show. “He is neither related without delay to the DPIFF crew nor has any contract with us,” they said.

After Mahira’s clarification, Premal issued a statement. He stated that he was once related with the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival awards feature for the ultimate two years and the identical could be proven from the highlights on his Instagram page.

“Last year also we had some certificates issues which had been without delay printed besides asking and given to artists and same was once achieved this yr also to Mahira Sharma and this has come to be an issue. If no one from DPIFF was coordinating with me how did Mahira come for the event. After appropriate discussions we had also mailed to DPIFF legitimate id these days morning for which we have not acquired any reply yet. And certificates trouble was once already mentioned with Abhishek Mishra (CEO) of DPIFF on 22nd Feb, 2020 night time at 08:28 pm and subsequent day afternoon 12:10 pm in which he had certain he will be looking into it and fixing it internally. Post that without any clarification or discussion a put up used to be raised against Mahira Sharma which is simply no longer fair,” Premal said in his statement.

The organisers mentioned that Premal “contributed toward coordinating with the celebrities” but said that it came as a “shocking revelation” to them that he “directly printed” certificates barring     their consent.

In their statement, the organisers said, “We have been unaware that he has been doing this for the last two years which is simply a violation of our IP property and brand collaterals.” The declaration introduced that the organisers would take “required actions” against him for his “unethical practice”.

The organisers said that when they were made aware of the incident, they reached out to Mahira for a clarification and it used to be only after receiving no response from her that they issued a public intimation letter. “Mr Premal has stooped to spreading poor feedback on DPIFF’s crew in order to shield Ms Mahira Sharma which led to him speaking out his real fact of certificate forging practice for so long,” they said.

Mahira “accepted a forged certificate of grasp thru an unofficial/unverified source”, according to the organisers, and eliminated the submit straight away when they received in touch with her to discuss the incident. “This gives uncomplicated indication of her involvement in this act as she was once now not confident about the certificate felicitated to her. However, in her statement on Instagram, she has claimed that the statement released through our team is ‘untrue and uncalled for’. We are startled on how conflicting and baseless her claims are,” their assertion said.

The organisers maintained that they had been “very clear” on their stand that the certificates was once cast and nevertheless expected an apology from Mahira.