Sajid goes on a hunger strike to remove Gautam from the captaincy

Sajid goes on a hunger strike to remove Gautam from the captaincy

Bigg Boss season 16 is getting more interesting with every passing day. On the 30th day also, the morning the contestants happened the Big Boss anthem. After this, there was a ruckus in the house for the whole day due to the decision of Gautam Vig to become the captain. When there was a tremendous fight between Shaleen and Priyanka, Sajid also looked very upset with Gautam. During this, Sajid abused Gautam several times and also started a hunger strike with Shiva, Ghori, Stan, and Abdu to remove Gautam from the captaincy. Let's know what happened on the 30th day in the Bigg Boss house.

Fight between Shaleen and Priyanka over eggs
In Saturday's episode, Gautam sacrifices the ration of the entire house for captaincy, due to which all the family members are very angry with Gautam. On the 30th day, Gautam goes to talk to Sajid but he is not interested in talking to him. Sajid looks very angry and asks Gautam to stay away from him. Although all the ration of the family members has been snatched away but showing humanity, Bigg Boss sends limited food to the family members.

Two eggs are sent for everyone's share but Gautam directly gives 12 eggs to Shaleen. On the other hand, when Priyanka comes to know about this, she gets very angry, she tells Gautam that when food has come for a day, how can Shaleen take food from other family members for his protein? After this, Priyanka tells Shaleen that it was her wrong decision to take eggs from Gautam. Shaleen loses her cool on this and there is a lot of debate between the two. After this, Gautam clarifies that the egg tray was given only to keep Shaleen.

Many family members along with Sajid and Shiv went on a hunger strike
While all the family members are angry with Gautam's decision, Saudarya is seen standing with Gautam. She also cooks food for the family members and then takes food to Sajid, she tries hard to persuade them but Sajid refuses to eat. Sajid then says that some stand has to be taken and he says that he will not eat a morsel until Gautam is removed from the captaincy and they start a hunger strike. Shiv, Stan, Ghori, and Abdu also start a hunger strike in support of Sajid.

Big Boss reprimanded Shaleen
At the same time, Shaleen is seen repeatedly requesting Bigg Boss in front of the camera that his 150 grams of chicken should be sent. After this, Bigg Boss calls Shaleen to the confession room and says that he knows the medical area of ​​all the family members and that Shaleen doesn't care about the family, he only cares about his chicken. Bigg Boss also reprimands Shaleen during this time and says that she should not audition to act in the reality show and take her chicken.

the fight between Sajid and Gautam
Here Gautam calls all the family members to allot duty. Gautam also goes to Sajid, Shiv, Abdu, Ghori, and Stan and explains what their duties are. Sajid gets angry about this and starts hurling a lot of abuse. After which Gautam says that if he wants to hate her then do it but why are you hurling abuses? There is a lot of debate between the two, after which the rest of the family members ask them to leave. Later, Gautam comes to Soundarya and tells them all about Sajik's behavior.

Bigg Boss gave the secret task
After this, Bigg Boss invites Nimrit and Sajid sitting on hunger strike to the confession room and convinces them enough to make Gautam relieve his mistake and not play with his health. After this, Bigg Boss gives food to Sajid and Nimrit together. He also gives the task that he has to separate the raw lentil-rice mixture and show to the family outside that Sajid from Bigg Boss and the rest of the contestants sitting on hunger strike with him have got this punishment. Tomorrow's ratio will be available only after completing this task. MC Stan and Shiv Thackeray, Ghori, and Abdu are also involved in the secret task. All of them go to the confession room, in turn, break their hunger strike and eat food. Later come out and complete the task.

The family members got the earned ration back
After this, Sajid is also seen explaining his mistake to Gautam. Later, Bigg Boss calls everyone to the living area and says, "You all get your earned daily ration and it has nothing to do with Captain Gautam." Hearing this, all the family members become happy and Priyanka asks everyone to eat but Sajid still acts not to eat and says that he feels like vomiting. At night, Abdu sings a song in another language and everyone praises him a lot, with this Sunday's episode ending. There will be a tremendous uproar again in Monday's episode. Shaleen and Priyanka will fight again.

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