Sajid Khan abuses Gautam Vig

Sajid Khan abuses Gautam Vig

Social media users are stunned to see the behavior of Sajid Khan in Bigg Boss 16. Actually, Sajid Khan and Gautam Vig had a fierce fight in the last episode of the show. Sajid Gautam's decision has angered how he put the family's ration at stake for the captaincy. Actually, in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman had put a condition in front of Gautam that if he wanted the captaincy back, he would One week's ration will have to be put at stake. Gautam accepted this condition to become the captain, due to which there has been a lot of ruckus in the house.

Sajid has since followed Gautam and is cursing him fiercely. Sajid is abusing Gautam and harassing him continuously. Sajid told Gautam that you are a coward who is not even reacting to his abuse. You are doing all this so that you are safe and no one can evict you from the house, but now you will see my anger. Sajid is also targeting his family members to show his anger towards Gautam, which has enraged Twitter users.

Users got angry

Social media users are not at all happy with this behavior of Sajid. A social media user wrote, Sajid Khan is constantly abusing Gautam and calling his parents good and bad which is not right at all. Another user wrote, Sajid Khan's comments on Gautam are very insulting.

Another user wrote Sajid's bad personality is now coming to the fore. Sajid even told Gautam that he would continue to abuse him even if he was thrown out of the show. By the way, if Sajid Khan gets discharged from Bigg Boss 16, then his troubles are not going to reduce. Sherlyn Chopra has opened a front against him outside.

Sherlyn has recorded her statement against Sajid in the case of sexual harassment and now the police can call Sajid for questioning. If this happens then Sajid will have to be out of Bigg Boss. Let us inform you that Sajid was accused of sexual abuse by many girls under the MeToo campaign in 2018, after which Sajid had to lose his hands from many films and projects.

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