Satish Kaul, Who Played Lord Indra In Mahabharat, Is In Financial Trouble

Satish Kaul, Who Played Lord Indra In Mahabharat, Is In Financial Trouble

If you watched BR Chopra's Mahabharat, you'd instantly know Satish Kaul, who played Indra Dev within the series. The veteran actor, known for the epic television program and variety of Punjabi films, today finds himself struggling to survive. The coronavirus pandemic has only made matters worse.

"My health is ok, I'm doing fine but the lockdown has made matters worse. I'm struggling for medicines, groceries and basic needs. I appeal to the industry people to assist me. I got such a lot love as an actor, i want some attention now as a person's in need," Kaul told PTI.

Punjabi actress Priti Sapru, in an interview with ETimes, recently shared that Kaul has been staying at nurse Satya Devi's house, who cared for him when he lived in an old-age home. "He calls me whenever he's in distress. That's how i'm conscious of his situation. He has been staying at Satya's home since three years; she was nursing him when he was in an old-age range in Ludhiana."

Sapru also said that she tried to boost funds for Kaul which the Punjab government offered him Rs 5 lakh, et al. helped out too.

Wishing that Satish Kaul had been wise together with his money when he was able and earning, Priti Sapru told the publication, "He didn't save when he was working. Now, he's completely hooked in to others. he's broke. Had he been fine, he would have gotten add daily soaps and Punjabi films. But, unfortunately, he had a fall around three years ago and hurt his backbone. He had to be operated on immediately. Back then, my sister and that i had sent him money for the surgery."

Sapru believes that the govt and movie industry must help struggling artistes, and people who are old and out of labor . She further said that she would really like for Kaul to return to the old-age home, and wonders why he left within the first place. "I decide to meet the owners of the adulthood home and request them for a reduction . we'll lookout of his expenses while he stays there comfortably. he's diabetic and has other health woes, too. we would like him to be attended to all or any the time."

COVID-19 has left many a actor out of labor and broke. Recently, actor Manmeet Grewal committed suicide as he did not have work and he was deep in debt. Sasural Simar Ka actor Ashiesh Roy is financially broke and admitted within the hospital, wondering how he pays off the piling hospital bills.