Sheen Dass: Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Is sort of a Breath Of Fresh Air!

Sheen Dass: Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Is sort of a Breath Of Fresh Air!

Star Plus has been regaling audiences with innovative content with its impressive line-up of shows. Recently the channel launched another interesting show with rib-tickling comedy - Maharaj Ki Jai Ho! Helmed by Trouble Makers Production, the one among its kind sci-fi comedy. At a juncture, when general entertainment channels are deciding new ways to present content for engaging viewers, Star Plus is at the forefront by bringing comic relief with a completely new show for audiences of all age groups. It seems television actors too have taken a liking to the show.

Multiple actors are keeping themselves engaged with different activities like fitness and reading, while a number of them are enjoying watching their favorite shows and films . One such actress is Sheen Dass and she or he shared, "All folks are browsing a difficult phase with the whole nation under lockdown. It's natural for us to be under stress at such dire times. Maharaj Ki Jai Ho is sort of a breath of fresh air, its joyful and comic content truly brings a smile to our faces. Hats off to the manufacturers and Star Plus for introducing such an exquisite show for audiences at such a time once we all are finding ways to spread cheer."

The show boasts of a stellar star-cast which comprises of popular actors like Satyajit Dubey, Rajesh Kumar, Ashwin Mushran, Aakash Dabhade, Nitesh Pandey, Monica Castellino and Riya Sharma to call a couple of . Set against a historical backdrop of Hastinapur, Maharaj Ki Jai Ho chronicles the unique journey of Sanjay (played by Satyajit Dubey), a strikingly different individual, hailing from a special background, who time travels and lands within the era of Dhritarashtra's reign.

We are sure the viewers are enjoying a visit back in time with a touch of humor as Maharaj Ki Jai Ho entertains them with its exceptional presentation!

Tune in to Maharaj Ki Jai Ho every Monday to Friday at 9.00 pm only on Star Plus.