Why did actress Sana Khan become a hijabi? The reason is given in the viral video

Why did actress Sana Khan become a hijabi? The reason is given in the viral video

Sana Khan, who was a Bollywood actress, has made a distance from the glamor industry today. The actress made a lot of headlines from 'Bigg Boss 6'. Apart from this, she has also appeared in Salman Khan's film 'Jai Ho. In 2020, the actress suddenly decided to leave the industry. She gave up her glamorous look and started wearing a hijab. Apart from this, she married Mufti Anas Saeed and went on the path of religion. After all, a video of why Sana did this has gone viral on social media, in which many times she is also seen being emotional.

why sana khan wore hijab

Sana Khan talks about her decision to wear a hijab in this video. In the video, Sana is seen in a black burqa, as well as she says, 'I certainly had everything in my previous life. Name, money, fame, everything. I could do whatever I wanted to do. But one thing was lacking in all this. My heart was not getting rest and peace. I thought I had everything, but why am I not happy? It was very difficult and the day also came when I was in depression. Then Allah sent me signs. Gave my message.

Why did the Bollywood industry leave despite the name, fame

Sana is further telling in this video, 'In the year 2019, it was the month of Ramadan. I used to see my grave in my dream. I could see the burning grave I was in. I haven't seen an empty tomb. I saw myself in it. I thought these are the signs of Allah, which He is giving me that if I do not change then my end will be like this. This bothered me a bit. I still remember the changes that were happening at that time. I used to listen to motivational speeches of Islam. One night I read something very beautiful. It had a message that you don't want your last day to be your first day of wearing a hijab. This thing touched me deeply. I started crying. I woke up the next morning, it was my birthday. I had bought a lot of scarves before. I tied the scarf that day and told myself that I would never take it off.

Let me tell you, Sana Khan along with her husband Anas Saeed recently went on Hajj, whose video she shared on social media. During this too she shared the video and said, 'I am happy that now I have changed. Now I am not going back. Now I am never going to remove my hijab.

Sana Khan was once counted among the glamorous actresses of Bollywood. Her item number 'Billo Rani' in the film 'Dan Dana Dan Gol' caught everyone's attention. He worked in many Bollywood films. Apart from Salman Khan, she has also appeared on the film screen with Akshay Kumar.

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