A piece of jaggery can provide relief from colds and phlegm

A piece of jaggery can provide relief from colds and phlegm

In winter, jaggery does not only serve as a sweet, but also gives relief from many diseases. Apart from this, jaggery is also beneficial for many things. Know some similar benefits of the quality-

This keeps the digestion process right. People who have acidity problem, they should definitely eat a little jaggery after lunch and dinner every day. This clears blood and keeps metabolism fine. A little jaggery with a glass of water or milk daily cools the stomach.

Jaggery contains iron. It is beneficial for patients with anemia, especially women. It removes toxic substances from the blood, which cures skin problems. If you feel more tired and weak, eat some jaggery. This increases the energy level.

Due to its warmth, it is beneficial in colds and phlegm troubles. It contains anti-allergic elements. It is beneficial for asthma patients. Eating a piece of ginger with a piece of jaggery daily provides relief from joint pain.

Eating jaggery and black sesame laddus in winter provides relief in asthma. Jaundice is relaxed by taking 5 grams dry ginger, 10 grams with jaggery. It is digested quickly and sugar level is also controlled. Eating ripe rice with it opens the throat and voice. 

Buttermilk gives relief in jaundice, know and benefits

Buttermilk gives relief in jaundice, know and benefits

During summer season more and more water should be drunk. Fluids are very important to keep your body hydrated. Apart from water, you can also take juice and buttermilk. Buttermilk is very beneficial for your health, it keeps you hydrated as well as healthy-

Easy to digest:
 Taking buttermilk with food is beneficial. It is an easily digested drink. Use of buttermilk made from fresh curd is more beneficial.

Stomach problem: Buttermilk eliminates heaviness of the stomach, aphra, loss of appetite, indigestion and stomach irritation.

Kamardard: If the food is not digested , roasted cumin, black pepper powder and rock salt mixed with buttermilk can be digested quickly after drinking it. It also gives relief in the stomach.

Arthritis:Buttermilk can also be used in joint pain and arthritis etc. with the advice of a specialist.

Jaundice: In jaundice also, mixing 10 grams turmeric in a cup of buttermilk and taking three to four times a day is beneficial.
Piles: Keeping regular use of buttermilk is beneficial in piles, urinary disorders, thirst and skin related diseases.