After adopting these tips, hands and feet will not be numb

After adopting these tips, hands and feet will not be numb

Whenever people are sitting in the same posture, the hands and feet become numb. Then there is a tingling in the arms and legs. During that time, hands and feet do not work and you do not have control over them. For example, if you try to move the leg, it does not move. The main reason for the body parts becoming numb is the lack of blood circulation there. When there is pressure on any part of the body and there is not enough oxygen and blood circulation there, then there is a feeling of tingling. Well it is very common and everyone has faced this situation. However if you have this problem again and again, you need to be serious. By the way, you can avoid this problem by adopting some tips. So let's know about these tips

Know the reason

If you want that you do not have the problem of numbness of arms and legs, then you have to know the reason for this first. Sometimes, due to some diseases like thyroid, diabetes, stroke and many other diseases, there is also the problem of numbness of the arms and legs. So if you have this problem again and again, get it checked once. You will not have to face this situation when you know the real reason. For this, you can also take medicine on the advice of a doctor. 

Catering care

It is important that you pay attention to your diet to prevent numbness. Actually, due to repeated numbness of the hands and feet, there is also a lack of nutrients in the body. If your body is deficient in vitamin B-12, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, then it makes the hands and feet numb. So you include all these nutrients in your diet. 

Massage will work

If you have the problem of repeatedly numb in a particular part of the body, then you can take help of massage. Massaging regularly improves blood circulation and strengthens muscles, which does not numb the arms and legs repeatedly. If you do not have any health problems then you will benefit greatly from the massage. Apart from this, you should also exercise regularly and warm up.