Alarm bells Bird flu reaches humans in this country, 7 people infected

Alarm bells Bird flu reaches humans in this country, 7 people infected

The risk of bird flu is still not averted amid the havoc of Corona. Till now, there were reports that this virus is not spread in humans, however recently a case has come up that has surprised everyone and has raised everyone's concern.

First case came out from Russia 
Actually in Russia, the first case of bird flu virus ( H5N8 ) chickens has spread in humans. According to the news, this is the first case in the world. 

7 employees of poultry plant vulnerable to bird flu 
According to media reports, 7 employees working in the poultry plant have been hit. However, his condition is being said to improve a lot. However, there are also reports that there have been no cases of infection from these employees to others. The infected patients are in isolation and the people who come in contact with them are being investigated. 

First case in the world 

Scientist Anna Papova believes that this is the first case in the world where the virus has entered the human body. This case faced by humans is really a bell of danger. 

Bird flu is dangerous for birds 
The risk of bird flu is highest to birds. We can estimate this by looking at the cases that have come in the past. If scientists agree on this, then this virus is very dangerous for birds, but it has to be seen what effect it has on humans. However, the situation will be tense when it enters from man to man. Let us know that in recent times, many states of India also had confirmed cases of bird flu. In many places, the situation had become so thick that crows and other birds were also found dead. 

What are the symptoms? 
According to doctors and experts, the symptoms of bird flu are like this. 

1. cough 
2. chest pain 
3. chills
4. high fever 
5. joint pain problem 
6. muscle ache 

7. Nose bleeding 
8. Runny nose 
9. Fatigue
10. Headache 
11. Diarrhea 
12. Restlessness problem
13. Vomiting

How does the infection spread?
Naturally, this flu occurs in birds but it spreads easily in domesticated chickens. It is caused by contact with infected bird feces, nasal secretions, saliva in the mouth or water coming out of the eyes. However, the virus remains in the body for an extended period of time due to infection. 

Get alert: If you are doing family planning then do not drink milk like this

Get alert: If you are doing family planning then do not drink milk like this

Lucknow: Cold is at its peak. In such a situation, people try more and more to keep themselves healthy by including the best food in their diet. When it comes to keeping oneself warm in the cold, the first one remembers milk with turmeric. It is also known as 'Golden Milk'. But this golden milk also has a way of drinking.

Will become poison

* If turmeric milk is not drunk properly, then it becomes poison inside the body. Never add too much turmeric to milk because it is harmful for the body.

* For those who have any problem related to gall bladder, then milk with turmeric can increase the problem. People with stone in the sac should not drink milk.

Do not take turmeric milk if bleeding problem

* People who have bleeding problems should not drink turmeric milk. This increases the problem of bleeding. Explain that turmeric milk reduces blood clotting.

* Diabetes patients should also not drink turmeric milk because turmeric is found to contain curcumin chemical, which affects blood sugar.

 Such boys should not drink milk

* Boys who intend to have a family plan should not drink turmeric milk as turmeric reduces testosterone levels. This reduces the activity of the sperm. Such people should avoid drinking more turmeric milk.

* Those who are deficient in iron, they should also stay away from turmeric milk, due to the use of more turmeric, the absorption of iron increases. Which is not right in terms of health.

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