Consuming oily fish in daily diet extends life by 5 years: Study

Consuming oily fish in daily diet extends life by 5 years: Study

It is very important for our food to be rich in nutrients for good health. On the other hand, if our diet is not nutritious, then many new diseases take birth in the body. A recent study has revealed that if there is a lack of omega-3 oils in the diet, then it has a worse effect on life than smoking.

In fact, scientists told that smoking reduces your life by 4 years and if there is a lack of fatty acids in the body (fishes like salmon and mackerel) then life is reduced by 5 years. 

Why Fatty Acids Are Important for the Body
According to a study, the oil found in oily fish is good for the heart and prevents the formation of blood clots. The best level of omega-3 oil in the body is 8 percent, which should generally be between 8 and 4 percent.

Omega Lifetime 5 years -3 taking the diet long
been told by a specialist that it is interesting that in Japan, where the average omega-3 index is more than eight percent, nearly than expected lifespan United States Five years is a long time, where the average omega-3 index is about five percent, so adding a diet that replaces the omega-3 index daily can prolong life. 

Researchers in the study found that the fatty acid screening could predict mortality similar to standard risk factors. The information provided by the Fatty Acid Research Institute in the concentrations of fatty acids in the four red blood cells was as useful as the likelihood of total mortality in relation to lipid levels, blood pressure, smoking and diabetes status.

According to the researchers, omega-3 should be considered as important as the risk factor. This risk factor can be reduced by changing factors such as diet, tobacco, alcohol and physical inactivity. Researchers in the study found that lifestyle choices can help identify people who are at risk, as well as help prevent poor health and delay death and assess how best to treat them.

Can I get a flu shot if the corona vaccine is not available? Know expert opinion

Can I get a flu shot if the corona vaccine is not available? Know expert opinion

The corona vaccination program in the country has been intensified amid the threat of a third wave. At the same time, now questions are being raised that if the corona vaccine is not available, can the flu vaccine be given? Actually, according to research on 75,000 corona patients, influenza ie flu vaccine can protect against many serious effects of corona. It also reduces the need for emergency care.

flu shot beneficial for corona patients
The annual flu shot also reduces the risk of stroke, sepsis and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in corona patients. Researchers say that giving flu vaccine to corona patients also made them less likely to go to the emergency department.

Does the flu vaccine also reduce the risk of corona?
According to research done on 2 groups, this can help reduce the severity of corona because the flu vaccine also builds immunity in the body. The first group included patients with older age, skimming, diabetes, obesity and chronic disease who had received the flu vaccine, while the second group included people who had received the corona vaccine.

Those without flu jab were at risk of these diseases
The 120-day study found that people who received the flu vaccine were less than 20% more likely to be admitted to the ICU. While the need for emergency care in other patients was 58%. In addition, people who got the flu shot were 45% more likely to develop sepsis, 58% more likely to have a stroke, and 40% more likely to develop DVT than the other group. However, researchers do not know how the flu jab provides protection against the corona.

Flu shots can be taken where there is a lack of vaccine
Researchers claim that the flu vaccine helps to protect against many serious effects, so in the future where there will be a shortage of corona vaccine, the flu shot can be given. However, the influenza vaccine does not replace the corona shot.