Do brisk walk instead of normal walk, know why

Do brisk walk instead of normal walk, know why

Nowadays people have forgotten to pay attention to their health in the life of tomorrow. Because of which people have often had to face death row. In such a situation, some people take a little time and walk daily in the morning and evening. But do you know that there is no benefit from doing a normal walk. If you walk brisk instead, it will be very beneficial for your health. If you walk brisk 5 days a week, then you will lose weight very fast. Let's know about it- 

What is brisk walk- 
Brisk Walk is an exercise that anyone of any age can do. In this walk you have to walk fast. In simple words, the state of running between walking and walking is called brisk walk.

Benefits of Brisk Walk-
Make your mind sharp - When you walk brisk, your blood circulation increases rapidly. Due to which oxygen and nutrients reach the brain cells, this will make your brain faster than before. Apart from this, walking brisks releases hormones that freshen your mind. Which removes stress. 

Lose weight fast-
If you do brisk walking daily for about 30 minutes, then your metabolism works fast. With which you can burn around 150 calories. 

Get rid of diabetes
By walking brisk 5 times a week, you can reduce the risk of diabetes by about 12%. 

Make your heart healthy
If you do brisk walking for about 15-16 kilometers a week, then your risk of getting heart disease is reduced by 35 percent. 

Control blood pressure 
Brice walking keeps your blood pressure under control. Your arteries are narrowed and dilated, which keeps your arteries healthy.

Ripe banana will improve blood flow, strengthens bones

Ripe banana will improve blood flow, strengthens bones

The banana found in every season is very nutritious, tasty, sweet, powerful and useful in removing eye defects. Eating it daily makes the body strong and provides relief in diseases like vata, bile, phlegm and white discharge.

In case of excessive bleeding during menstruation, eating ripe banana in milk is beneficial.
If there is a problem of recurring urin, you can eat it with ghee.
Applying banana mashed on the burnt place provides relief from burning sensation.
Applying paste in lemon juice with lemon juice provides relief.
In the burning sensation of the stomach and other diseases of this organ, eating banana with sugar is beneficial.
Raw banana is quite useful in ulcers. Applying juice of banana stalks is beneficial to stop bleeding in case of injury. Banana is considered a good and nutritious diet for young children. Bananas are rich in magnesium, which keeps the blood flow in the arteries correct and does not increase cholesterol levels.

Gives strength to bones.
A new study has found that plum can save bones from breaking. According to this study in America, if women eat this fruit after menopause, then they can protect themselves from osteoporosis and bone fractures. Eating hundred grams of plums per day can reduce the risk of bone fractures. Eating it relieves stomach diseases like heaviness, constipation and intestines and improves digestion. Vitamin C present in the plum helps in keeping your eyes and skin healthy and also increases immunity. Apart from this, vitamin-K and B6 are also found in plenty in it.