Fall of mercury in winter increases the risk of asthma, so avoid

Fall of mercury in winter increases the risk of asthma, so avoid

In winter, there is an increase in the possibility of breathlessness with colds and colds. If it is not treated in time, there is a risk of asthma attack.

Reason : Pollution and heredity are considered to be the main reasons for this. Children have an increased risk of having this problem in their parents. Changes in the weather have an effect on the trachea that can cause this problem. People who are allergic to dust, smoke, pets and any kind of medicines should take special care in this matter. Also, persistent mental stress can also cause asthma.

Stand upright or sit down and take long breaths when you have an asthma attack . Do not lie down at all.
Loosen the clothes.
Take hot caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea etc. This will help to open the breathing a little bit.
Asthma is prescribed in two ways. Anti-inflammatory drugs reduce respiratory tract inflammation and are other quick-relief medications that relieve respiratory problems.

Symptoms may be symptoms
of extreme difficulty in breathing, high cough, blue nails and lips, acute asthma attack. Apart from this, chest puffing, hoarseness while breathing are its common symptoms.
Take care
of food Eat foods rich in vitamin-E, such as olive oil, peanuts, apples, etc. more and more.
Dry fruits containing vitamin B, sprouted grains and legumes are also helpful in removing the problem of chest congestion, cough, and shortness of breath.

Prevention Methods
Take timely medicines as directed by the doctor. Use inhaler as needed.
Avoid the reasons that increase the risk of asthma attack.
Take control of food and chew slowly and eat well.
Avoideating things made of refined flour.
Avoid hot spices, red chillies and pickles or take them in moderation.
Honey is considered beneficial for asthma patients. It is helpful in thinning the mucus out of the body.
Protect yourself from dust, cigarette smoke, pet fur. If possible, do not go outside the house in fog and regular yoga ? Do it

Epidemic: The risk of corona can be reduced up to 90%, these measures will have to be done

Epidemic: The risk of corona can be reduced up to 90%, these measures will have to be done

These days Corona is wreaking havoc on the whole world. But we can reduce its risk to some level by taking some measures. Researchers say that by washing hands and covering the face at least 6 times a day, the risk of corona infection can be reduced by up to 90%. If you apply mask, up to 90% infection from droplets can be prevented.

The risk can be reduced by up to 90%:

The researcher says that some masks are such that air rapidly comes in from the edges. While the Surgical and Tested Homemade Mask prevents air flow. It is the safest if the mask does not have air to go around.

Researchers conducted research on seven different types of face-covering masks. These included medical masks and homemade masks as well. Researchers say they also prevent corona.

According to researcher Dr. Felicity Mehanowell, whether it is homemade masks or surgical all these are successful in preventing the virus coming directly.

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