Gymming reception During Lockdown: Online Fitness-Gear Purchases Indicate New Workout Normal

Gymming reception During Lockdown: Online Fitness-Gear Purchases Indicate New Workout Normal

Working-from-home is that the new reality for several office-goers, now that the deadly Coronavirus has forced a near shutdown of normal life. But, despite gym closures and limited opportunities to exit for fitness, Indians seem to be stepping up and buying activewear and fitness equipment online, to set-up personalised and convenient gyms reception .

With social distancing becoming the new norm, consumers have turned their home space into a gym keeping their fitness regime intact. Consumers are increasingly checking out athleisure wear and fitness equipment online as they still stay indoors and explore different stay-at-home exercises. Across all the age groups, consumers became more aware of their lifestyle choices and are taking steps to innovate and personalize their fitness routines, notes e-commerce giant Flipkart.

The importance of a healthy and fit lifestyle has led them to seem for products like yoga and lounge pants, sports bras and t-shirts online. Further, sports shoes are growing in popularity among consumers across the country - including cities like Vizag, Ernakulam, Guwahati and Allahabad. Men's portswear has seen an uptake in demand for shorts, track pants, t-shirts and caps.

As comfortable clothes replace the formal work attire, people are increasing investing during a new wardrobe that takes them both through work and workout.

It is not just athleisure and sportswear that's getting the foremost traction, but fitness equipment like yoga mats, cycles, treadmill, support equipment and dumbbells are witnessing a rise in searches, it said. Consumers across Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, Ernakulam and Lucknow appear to be keen to buy for fitness accessories and equipment.

These searches also reflect how people are choosing both work and play, as badminton racquets and cricket bats also make it to the list of searches. Flipkart says its recent introduction of latest brands like Under Armour, Cultsport, One 8 by Virat Kohli, and Attitude by Chris Gayle has given consumers a way wider collection of products to settle on from. Their curated ½Work-out from Home' selection on the app offers a handpicked selection to consumers across 1000+ styles, supported the serviceability in their zones.

"With the life-style changes consumers are witnessing today, as a homegrown company, we would like to make sure that they need a good and best selection of products to cater to their requirements," the e-commerce site said.