If you are troubled by the problem of itching, then try these home remedies

If you are troubled by the problem of itching, then try these home remedies

There are many such things in our kitchen, which can give relief from the problem of itchy skin in no time. What are those things, how to use them. Know here...

1 . In case of itching, massaging by mixing equal quantity of tomato juice and fresh coconut gives relief.

Applying sandalwood paste on the itchy area is also beneficial.

2 . Mixing one teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of lemon juice in a bucket of water also provides relief from itching.

3 . Make a paste by grinding half a bowl of tur dal. Mix equal quantity of curd in it and apply it on the body. The itching will go away in two days.

4 . If itching persists continuously, then boil a little cumin in a liter of water. After cooling, filter the water and separate the cumin seeds and take a bath with this water. Bathing with this water continuously for 3-4 days will make a difference.

5 . If itching is happening due to dryness, then massage the body with creamy curd and after 15 minutes rub it well and take a bath. There will be relief.

6 . Dryness is removed by applying coconut oil on the skin, itching does not bother.

7 . Make a paste by grinding orange peels in a mixer. Mix some rose water in it and massage it on the body. The chronic itching will soon disappear.

8 . Grinding bitter gourd in case of itching and applying it on the body is also beneficial.

9 . In case of itching, applying fresh aloe vera pulp on the skin provides relief.

10 . In case of itching, boil some neem leaves in water. When the water cools down, filter the leaves and separate them and bathe in the same way with neem water for seven days.

11 . Applying a paste of neem leaves on the itchy area also provides relief.

Applying coconut oil mixed with a paste of basil leaves is also beneficial in case of itching.

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Dry skin, Change in weather, Exposure to pollution and dust, Hot water bath, Excessive use of chemical-rich beauty products, Side effect of any medicine, Immune system disturbances, Kidney disease, Iron deficiency, Thyroid, Mental stress etc. are the main causes of itching.

Consumption of these things is beneficial in the problem of diarrhea, you will get relief immediately

Consumption of these things is beneficial in the problem of diarrhea, you will get relief immediately

In summer, many diseases often grip our body. One of which is diarrhea. Due to diarrhea, there is a lot of weakness inside the body. Many people also adopt many methods to get relief from this, but still they do not feel any relief. Today we are going to tell you some such things which will give immediate relief.

Consume these things in diarrhea:

* Yogurt contains bacteria and probiotics, which helps in improving digestion and prevents diarrhea. A lot of fiber is found in oranges, which helps in preventing diarrhea by improving the digestive system.

# If moong dal khichdi is consumed when there is diarrhea, then it can prove to be very beneficial for you.

Apart from all this, you can also consume buttermilk. Yes, buttermilk proves to be very effective in stopping diarrhea.

Potassium is found in abundance in coconut water, which helps in reducing the acidity level of the stomach. Also it hydrates the body.

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