If you have diabetes then adopt such a diet plan

If you have diabetes then adopt such a diet plan

Diabetes has become a common disease. If food is not taken care of during this disease, the eyes, kidneys, nervous system, brain, heart and other organs are affected by increasing blood sugar level. In most cases irregular diet increases the blood sugar level. Let us know which type of diet plan can keep the level of sugar controlled.

As soon as the diet plan gets special attention
, taking two teaspoons of Danamethi (powder or sprouts) regularly on an empty stomach keeps blood sugar levels under control.
Morning: Take a cup of high fiber and flour with a cup of sugarless tea.
Breakfast: a cup of milk, a bowl of sprouted lentils, vegetable porridge or vegetable oats and vegetable-rich stuffed bread.
Between Breakfast and Lunch: 60-60 grams of seasonal or other fruits.
Lunch: Seasonal vegetable salad, two-three mix cereal bread, a bowl of vegetable and a bowl of curd or raita.
Evening: Only a handful of roasted chickpeas can be had with tea or green tea.
Dinner: Salad, one or two rotis, a small plate of brown rice, a bowl of dal with mint or green coriander sauce can be taken.

Keep consuming essential fruits
Some people believe that they should not eat fruits because they contain more sugar. This is a misconception because fruits are found to have natural sugar enhancing immunity which works to keep them away from diseases . Eat 60-60 grams of such fruits daily, which are high in fiber and low in calories. Fruits have abundant antioxidants which are helpful in repairing damaged cells. Orange, berries, papaya, guava, pear, watermelon, cantaloupe or apple can be taken in the amount of 60-100 grams. Such fruits which are more sweet like banana, sitaphal, mango, pomegranate and grapes should be taken in the quantity of 50 grams only.

Eat vegetables
. Include high-fiber-rich green leafy and seasonal vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, mustard greens, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes etc. in the diet. Eat simple low-fiber things like simple carb like potato, yam and arabica in small quantities or mixed with other vegetables or green leafy vegetables. You can also make mix veg and include it in food.

Keep nutritious
diet Take a balanced diet with carbohydrates, fat and protein. Staying empty stomach for a long time reduces the blood sugar level, which is called hypoglycemia. In this case, always keep roasted gram or flour biscuits with you. Also, if you have to go outside the house, keep jaggery or raisins with you instead of sugar, chocolate. Elements like iron and folic are found in them in plenty, which keep the level of sugar normal and increase the energy in the body.

Vitamin-A will cure night blindness, know what it is and why!

Vitamin-A will cure night blindness, know what it is and why!

We all have very important eyes for us. Through them, not only are we able to see the colors of the whole world, but it also helps in enhancing our beauty. These are the things that convey the joy and sorrows of our mind to everyone. Our eyes are very fragile, so it is important to take special care of them. So today we are going to tell you about "night blindness", a kind of eye disease which is important for all of us, let us tell you what is night blindness, what are its symptoms, why does it happen, What are the prevention and remedies of night blindness?

What is night blindness?

According to experts, night blindness is such a disease in which the patient does not see anything at night, but they are able to see well during the day. During this disease, the eyes are not able to adapt to low light conditions, so the power of seeing at night is lost. Night blindness, or nectalopia, is a current result of eye disorder. According to physicians, night blindness adversely affects a person's ability to see in dim light, although it does not lead to complete blindness. It can be difficult to see road signs during night driving. It may take longer than normal for the eye to adapt when going from light to dark. Explain that night blindness can be caused due to vitamin A deficiency and many other reasons.

Symptoms of night blindness

- Eye pain

- Headache

- vomiting

- Nausea

- Blurred vision

- Difficulty seeing in the distance

- Light sensitivity

Why is night blindness

During retinite pigmentosa, the viewing power is significantly reduced and there is a problem of blindness in the eyes. In this situation, there is a problem of night blindness. Apart from this, there can be many different reasons for night blindness. For example, when the eyes start to become weak due to lack of vitamins in the body, there is a complaint of night blindness. Apart from this, there are also myopia defects, cataract problem and some other factors like- elderly condition, carelessness in eating, heredity etc.

This is how to avoid night blindness

- Include more vitamin A things in your diet.

- Eat green vegetables, yellow-green fruits more.

- Drink more of sea food.

If there is any problem in the eyes, then contact the eye specialist.

Treatment of night blindness 

According to doctors, the treatment of night blindness varies depending on its cause. This involves wearing certain types of glasses or contact lenses and can be helpful in supporting correct vision. At the same time, there may be problems related to eyes due to lack of vitamin-A. In this case, include more and more vitamin-A in your diet.

- eat eggs

- eat whole grains

- Drink pasteurized milk

- eat leafy green vegetables

- Eat orange and yellow vegetables and fruits

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