Is pinworm the cause of colic? Learn its symptoms, causes and preventive measures

Is pinworm the cause of colic? Learn its symptoms, causes and preventive measures

Often, eating contaminated food outside causes many health problems such as abdominal pain, cramps, vomiting and infection. Sometimes due to contaminated food or water, pinworms or stomach worms also arise. Stomach worms are a very common problem. However, this problem can happen to anyone but pinworms are found mostly in children. These insects spread the infection by staying in the intestines. Symptoms like itching, loss of appetite, weight loss, irritability are seen due to pinworm. Although it is common to have pinworm problems, if left untreated in time, they can cause serious infections. There are many home remedies and medicines available to eliminate pinworms in the stomach. In today's article, we will give you information about causes, symptoms, preventive measures and home remedies for pinworm-

What is pinworm

Pinworms are a type of parasite that survives in the intestines of an infected person to spread infection. These parasites suck blood from a person's intestines and survive on the nutrition of his body. These are insects that look like thin threads of white color, hence they are also called threadworms. Pinworms are often called colloquial worms in common parlance. Pinworms or eggs are very contagious and spread very quickly when they come in contact with an infected person or object. Pinworms can happen to anyone, but its infection is more common in children.  

How the infection spreads

Pinworms are mostly found in contaminated sites. Contaminated water or eating increases the chances of getting pinworms. After the infected person sleeps, the female pinworm exits the intestine and lays eggs on the skin around the anus. When we take these eggs inside our body without knowing, then in a few days these eggs go into the body and turn into adult pinworm and spread the infection.

These eggs can easily survive in clothes, bedding and other things. When a person touches these infected things with his hands, these eggs stick in his fingernails and fingers. These eggs go inside the mouth when eating food or putting finger in mouth. These eggs can also reach the body through food, water or air. In this way they spread in the body and cause infection.

Symptoms of pinworm-

Itching around the anus

Loss of appetite

Lose weight


Sleeping problem

Body swelling



loss of appetite

Itching and burning around the vagina in women can also be caused by pinworms.

Pinworm prevention measures-  

- To avoid pinworms and to prevent the spread of infection, clean hands thoroughly with soap before cooking or eating. Do wash your hands with soap even after defecation.  

- Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with water before cooking.

- Cook and eat meat and fish well.

- Take special care of the cleanliness of your body and surroundings. Take a bath with clean water daily and wear clean clothes.

- Wash your clothes, towels, sheets etc. with warm water and put them to dry in strong sunlight. Doing so will destroy eggs clinging to clothing or other things

- Cut your nails regularly and keep them clean. Avoid the habit of chewing nails.

Home remedies to end pinworm

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar has anti-microbial properties that eliminate pinworms and prevent them from growing again. For this, add two teaspoons of apple vinegar in a glass of water and mix it well. If you want, you can also add honey to it. Use this solution twice a day, the pinworm problem will be over soon.

Castor and Coconut Oil

Castor and coconut oil are very effective remedy for pinworm problem. It has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that kill bacteria and prevent them from growing. For this, take equal amount of castor and coconut oil and make it lukewarm. Apply this oil on the skin around the anus before sleeping at night. By doing this, itching and burning due to pinworm is reduced.


Garlic has anti-microbial properties that help prevent bacteria spreading infection. Chewing one or two buds of garlic on an empty stomach daily in the morning will help eliminate pinworms.

Clove and Coconut Oil

The use of cloves and coconut oil is a very effective home recipe for pinworm problems. Clove oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that help to eliminate pinworms. For this, add one to two drops of clove oil in a small spoon of coconut oil and apply it on the infected area and leave it overnight.


In the problem of stomach worms, celery acts like a panacea. Parsley has anti-bacterial properties that help in killing insects. For this, grind the parsley and make powder of it. Now mix the same amount of jaggery in half a gram powder and make a tablet. Drink it twice or thrice daily. If you want, you can consume this powder with lukewarm water every night at night before adding a pinch of black salt to the powder of parsley. This also ends the pinworm.

Buttermilk gives relief in jaundice, know and benefits

Buttermilk gives relief in jaundice, know and benefits

During summer season more and more water should be drunk. Fluids are very important to keep your body hydrated. Apart from water, you can also take juice and buttermilk. Buttermilk is very beneficial for your health, it keeps you hydrated as well as healthy-

Easy to digest:
 Taking buttermilk with food is beneficial. It is an easily digested drink. Use of buttermilk made from fresh curd is more beneficial.

Stomach problem: Buttermilk eliminates heaviness of the stomach, aphra, loss of appetite, indigestion and stomach irritation.

Kamardard: If the food is not digested , roasted cumin, black pepper powder and rock salt mixed with buttermilk can be digested quickly after drinking it. It also gives relief in the stomach.

Arthritis:Buttermilk can also be used in joint pain and arthritis etc. with the advice of a specialist.

Jaundice: In jaundice also, mixing 10 grams turmeric in a cup of buttermilk and taking three to four times a day is beneficial.
Piles: Keeping regular use of buttermilk is beneficial in piles, urinary disorders, thirst and skin related diseases.