It is necessary to be pregnant, this 1 hormone, 5 diet will complete deficiency

It is necessary to be pregnant, this 1 hormone, 5 diet will complete deficiency

Along with nutrients, estrogen hormone is also very important for women. Due to its deficiency, not only are the periods irregular, but it can also cause infertility and stress. Let us tell you what problems can be caused by lack of it in the body and how to overcome estrogen deficiency in the body.

Which women have estrogen deficiency?
Women who have anorexia (eating disorder) and thyroid problems are more likely to have estrogen deficiency.

Estrogen deficiency reasons
Due to any problem in ovaries, the level of this hormone in the body starts to decrease, which is also called pre-menopause. Without this...

. Genetic
. Pre-mature ovarian failure
. Thyroid disorder
. Accessorize in large quantities.
. Chemotherapy
. This is also due to slow functioning of the pituitary gland.

How to recognize the symptoms of lack of it ...
. Increased bleeding in periods
. Periods do not come on time
. Sudden loss of appetite
. Sleeplessness and restlessness
. Mental stress, depression
. Sudden weight gain
. Pain and weakness in bones

Problems occur in pregnancy
Ovulation is a problem due to lack of estrogen, due to which women find it difficult to conceive.

Due to low estrogen levels, the tissues present in the urethra also become thin and also stop developing. Due to this, women may have UTI problems. Not only this, it also causes dryness problem in Vygina.

If the level of this hormone in the body worsens, then it also increases the risk of cancer. According to research, the lower the level of estrogen in the body, the greater the risk of breast cancer.

Premature aging
Due to its deficiency, there are pimples, wrinkles, skin loosening, freckles and other anti-aging problems, which make you look old.

Measures to increase estrogen hormone
Herbal tea
Drink herbal teas such as red clover red, thyme, and verbena. Estrogen levels in the body can be increased by taking it regularly.

There are some seeds that can increase your estrogen level. For this, eat linseed seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds etc. in the diet.

Dry Fruits and Nuts
To increase the level of estrogen, diet such as dates, prune, apricots, pistachios and walnuts, etc., also eat such dry fruits like nuts.

Red wine
Red wine is considered one of the best sources of poly estrogen, which helps increase hormone levels. 

Soy milk
Soy milk is a plant-based milk, which is known to improve estrogen production in the body.

Drink plenty of water
Do not let the body lack water. For this, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day.

Exercise and plenty of sleep
Exercise and yoga at least 30 minutes daily. Also be sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep as there is a hormone imbalance due to insomnia too.

Get alert: If you are doing family planning then do not drink milk like this

Get alert: If you are doing family planning then do not drink milk like this

Lucknow: Cold is at its peak. In such a situation, people try more and more to keep themselves healthy by including the best food in their diet. When it comes to keeping oneself warm in the cold, the first one remembers milk with turmeric. It is also known as 'Golden Milk'. But this golden milk also has a way of drinking.

Will become poison

* If turmeric milk is not drunk properly, then it becomes poison inside the body. Never add too much turmeric to milk because it is harmful for the body.

* For those who have any problem related to gall bladder, then milk with turmeric can increase the problem. People with stone in the sac should not drink milk.

Do not take turmeric milk if bleeding problem

* People who have bleeding problems should not drink turmeric milk. This increases the problem of bleeding. Explain that turmeric milk reduces blood clotting.

* Diabetes patients should also not drink turmeric milk because turmeric is found to contain curcumin chemical, which affects blood sugar.

 Such boys should not drink milk

* Boys who intend to have a family plan should not drink turmeric milk as turmeric reduces testosterone levels. This reduces the activity of the sperm. Such people should avoid drinking more turmeric milk.

* Those who are deficient in iron, they should also stay away from turmeric milk, due to the use of more turmeric, the absorption of iron increases. Which is not right in terms of health.

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