Know how long a woman should sleep during pregnancy

Know how long a woman should sleep during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special period for any woman. During these nine months, there are many changes in the body of a woman, because a new life is growing in her. During this time, the woman has to face many health problems like fatigue, morning sickness and many more. Which also has an effect on her sleep, but to stay healthy during pregnancy, it is important that the woman sleep well. Since a woman exerts more effort during pregnancy, she is advised to get extra sleep. So let us tell you today how much sleep it is important for a woman to get during pregnancy-

First quarter

The period of sleep required during pregnancy depends on the stage of pregnancy. During the first trimester women feel drowsiness all the time. Due to high levels of progesterone, there is a feeling of fatigue and lethargy during the first trimester. The woman's metabolism also changes during this period. Women usually feel sleepy all the time during the first trimester but their sleep is interrupted due to several reasons such as frequent urination. 

second quarter

The woman gets relatively better sleep in the second trimester. The woman gets a good sleep especially by sleeping on the left side. Since during this time there is not much change in the body.

third quarter

In the third trimester, the woman has trouble sleeping once again. Since during this time, the stomach of the woman increases, so they do not sleep easily. Also, the woman gets frequent urination, which causes her sleep. Therefore, a pregnant woman is advised to take as much rest as possible and sleep whenever she feels lethargic. Also, to reduce sleep disturbance, limit fluid intake just before bedtime.

Just as a woman is advised to eat for not one or two during pregnancy, in the same way she should sleep for two. It is believed that a pregnant woman should spend at least eight-ten hours in bed so that she can get at least seven to eight hours of sleep.