Korean Singers' famous POP diet will reduce weight and skin will also glow

Korean Singers' famous POP diet will reduce weight and skin will also glow

People are not only a fan of fitness but also songs from the Korean band BTS, Blackpink and Astro Group. At the same time, discussions of Korean or K-POP diet are also happening everywhere. This diet is called K-POP because it is followed by Korean singers. Let us tell you what is K-pop diet and how to follow it

What is Coria's K-pop diet?
According to experts, people in Korea only take traditional Korean foods. Foods are minimally processed here, which does not reduce its nutrition value. Apart from this, their diet includes fatty acids, sugar or processed food, less wheat and more vegetables. Also, he does not take snacks between miles, which not only keeps the weight under control.

This is how K-pop diet
Breakfast: Vegetable
Omelette , Vegetable Pancake or Veg Dishes Sh Lunch: Kimchi Soup, Tofu or Cheese, Eggs, Vegetables, Meat or Tofu's Dish with Rice, a Bowl Vegetable Salad 
Dinner: Fried Rice, Vegetables, Veggie Rolls or Less Spicy Noodles

Korean diet What to eat or not
1. You can eat vegetables raw or fermented, the way kimchi is made. Also soup is the best way to get vegetables in the diet.
2. If you are vegetarian, you can eat tofu, mushrooms etc. instead of meat. You can also eat white rice and rice noodles.
3. Avoid bread, pastry, pasta, cereal, flour, fried food, catchup, oil, baked food, candy, baked foods. If you are following Korean diet, then reduce such food intake by 70%. Otherwise you will not benefit.
4. Apart from this, the Koreans consume curd, vinegar, miso, kimchi, double roti, soybean tempeh, sauerkraut, cocoa and chocolate and kumis.
5. It is necessary to eat kimchi i.e. fermented vegetables at least 1 time in this diet.

Now let us tell you what are the benefits of taking Korean diet ...

Lose weight
It does not contain much fiber, fatty food or sugar at all, which leads to body detox. The Korean diet also has low calorie intake, which helps in losing weight.

Control hunger
Due to minimum dairy products, it keeps the stomach full for a long time. You should avoid snacking due to loss of appetite. Also, it also provides energy throughout the day.

Better digestion
Due to the lack of fiber, this diet is also better for digestion. It uses less oil, sauces and seasonings, which does not cause problems like constipation, stomach pain. Due to less spice, there is no problem of acidity and acid formation.

Prevention of diabetes and heart disease
Since it is high in fruits and vegetables, this diet is also very beneficial for diabetes and heart patients. Along with blood sugar and pressure from kimchi, bad cholesterol remains under control.

Secret of long hair
Due to this, proteins and all the essential elements are mixed with the hair, which makes hair healthy and also increases their growth.

Glowing skin
Fried and oily things, due to eating less fast food, there is also a problem of acne and the skin also glows. This diet is also beneficial for people who have skin oily.

Of course, this diet is very beneficial in weight loss, but even after consulting the expert, follow the diet.

Get alert: If you are doing family planning then do not drink milk like this

Get alert: If you are doing family planning then do not drink milk like this

Lucknow: Cold is at its peak. In such a situation, people try more and more to keep themselves healthy by including the best food in their diet. When it comes to keeping oneself warm in the cold, the first one remembers milk with turmeric. It is also known as 'Golden Milk'. But this golden milk also has a way of drinking.

Will become poison

* If turmeric milk is not drunk properly, then it becomes poison inside the body. Never add too much turmeric to milk because it is harmful for the body.

* For those who have any problem related to gall bladder, then milk with turmeric can increase the problem. People with stone in the sac should not drink milk.

Do not take turmeric milk if bleeding problem

* People who have bleeding problems should not drink turmeric milk. This increases the problem of bleeding. Explain that turmeric milk reduces blood clotting.

* Diabetes patients should also not drink turmeric milk because turmeric is found to contain curcumin chemical, which affects blood sugar.

 Such boys should not drink milk

* Boys who intend to have a family plan should not drink turmeric milk as turmeric reduces testosterone levels. This reduces the activity of the sperm. Such people should avoid drinking more turmeric milk.

* Those who are deficient in iron, they should also stay away from turmeric milk, due to the use of more turmeric, the absorption of iron increases. Which is not right in terms of health.

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