Pomegranate relieves toothache, know and benefits

Pomegranate relieves toothache, know and benefits

You must have heard about the benefits of sweet pomegranate in taste, but you will be surprised to know that not only pomegranate, but its entire tree is full of medicinal elements. Drinking juice of this fruit, which is rich in antioxidants, lowers blood pressure levels.

Because of this, the risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney diseases is reduced. It also protects against diseases like cancer. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh believe that drinking pomegranate juice reduces the amount of fatty acids in the blood

Insomnia: Boil 20 grams fresh leaves of pomegranate in 400 grams of water. When there is 100 grams left, then drink hot milk mixed with it.

Heart disorders: Grind 10 grams fresh leaves of pomegranate with 100 grams of water and drink it twice a day, it provides relief in the problem of uncontrolled heartbeat.

Diarrhea: Apply mud and fry around the pomegranate. After roasting, extract the juice by extracting the grains. Mixing honey in it and drinking it will help.

Hemorrhage: Mix two spoons of sugar candy in half a cup of juice and drink it once a day, it removes the problem of hemorrhage in summer.

Toothache: Grinding dried flowers of pomegranate and rose, brushing and brushing teeth with powder of pomegranate buds stops bleeding from the gums.  

Piles: Grind 8-10 leaves of this mixture to make tablets. Frying it in hot ghee and tying it will provide relief in piles moles. Taking 5-10 milligram juice of pomegranate leaves twice a day provides relief in bloody piles.

Buttermilk gives relief in jaundice, know and benefits

Buttermilk gives relief in jaundice, know and benefits

During summer season more and more water should be drunk. Fluids are very important to keep your body hydrated. Apart from water, you can also take juice and buttermilk. Buttermilk is very beneficial for your health, it keeps you hydrated as well as healthy-

Easy to digest:
 Taking buttermilk with food is beneficial. It is an easily digested drink. Use of buttermilk made from fresh curd is more beneficial.

Stomach problem: Buttermilk eliminates heaviness of the stomach, aphra, loss of appetite, indigestion and stomach irritation.

Kamardard: If the food is not digested , roasted cumin, black pepper powder and rock salt mixed with buttermilk can be digested quickly after drinking it. It also gives relief in the stomach.

Arthritis:Buttermilk can also be used in joint pain and arthritis etc. with the advice of a specialist.

Jaundice: In jaundice also, mixing 10 grams turmeric in a cup of buttermilk and taking three to four times a day is beneficial.
Piles: Keeping regular use of buttermilk is beneficial in piles, urinary disorders, thirst and skin related diseases.