Take special care of your diet in liver related problems, know how the diet should be

Take special care of your diet in liver related problems, know how the diet should be

 For the health of the liver, it is necessary to take a balanced diet in the diet and do not change the diet immediately. Like dieting to be thin or overeating to be fat because they have a direct effect on the liver. In liver diseases, drink 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water in the morning. After light exercise, drinking one spoon of powdered sugar candy mixed with two spoons of aloe vera and amla juice will be beneficial. Let us know about the necessary food to keep this organ healthy-

Patient's food
breakfast: Oatmeal and boiled vegetables.
Lunch: Take two rotis of coarse flour, two bowls of boiled vegetables, 100 grams of papaya and a glass of buttermilk. Drink 100-150 grams of fruit or a glass of coconut water in the evening.
Dinner: Take 1 roti of coarse flour, 1 bowl of porridge and soup made of vegetables. Drink 1 cup of milk an hour before bedtime. If the level of cholesterol is increased with liver disease, then mix one spoon powder of bark of Arjun tree with milk.

They also benefit from this
1. Filter 1/2 glass of raw cow's milk and mix the same amount of water in it and drink it on an empty stomach daily.
2. Mix 100 grams cinnamon, 200 grams fennel and 200 grams sugar candy powder. Take one teaspoon in the morning and evening with a glass of water.
3. Mix 150 grams Ashwagandha, 75 grams dry ginger, 100 grams Ami turmeric (large lumps of turmeric) and powder of Giloy stalk and take one spoon with water in the morning and evening.
4. Eat radish and its leaves in the form of salad or juice in case of infection.
5. To remove toxic elements and in the problem of fatty liver, 1/2 glass of aloe vera juice or 1-2 teaspoon pulp can be used.
(Please take expert advice)

Such a diet,
people who are healthy, they should adopt such a diet for the health of the liver, which is light and easily digestible like gourd, pumpkin etc.

Abstain: For
the health of the liver, it is necessary to avoid rich, fried and spicy food. Also, avoid sweets made from mawa.

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