This harm to health by sitting with your legs crossed

This harm to health by sitting with your legs crossed

If you talk about a stylish pose while sitting, then the name of the cross leg definitely comes in it. Often you will have seen people sitting with their legs crossed or you will also sit cross-legged many times yourself. But do you know that sitting like this hurts not only your feet but also your whole health. So, today we are telling you about the disadvantages of sitting cross-legged.

Blood pressure rise

Some studies have said that if you do cross-leg for a long time, the body's blood pressure increases because it puts pressure on the veins. Even if you do not have a problem of blood pressure, you should avoid sitting in this posture for a long time.

Chance of paralysis

Another reason why you should avoid sitting cross-legged for a long time is a condition called paralysis or peroneal nerve paralysis. Sitting in the same position for long periods of time puts excessive pressure on the nerves and can damage them.

Effect on blood circulation

Cross-leg position greatly affects your blood circulation. This is because when you put one foot on the other, it stops the blood coming down from the top. In such a situation, your heart starts pumping upside down. This, in turn, negatively affects blood circulation.

Ligament damage

Prolonged cross-leggings can cause damage to the ligament that extends between our lower back and our legs, which can damage your nerves over time. The pressure on the legs while sitting cross-legged impedes blood flow, causing the blood to collect in a certain area of ​​the veins. Sitting in this position can cause swelling in the feet and the veins may shrink. This increases the likelihood of developing spider veins or varicose veins.

Back and neck pain

You might not know, but sitting cross-legged may cause you to complain of back and neck pain. Not only this, it can also lead to disc herniation. Actually, when the other leg is placed on top of one leg while doing the cross leg, it can cause imbalance in the hips, which can increase the pressure on the spine and cause pain.