This is how low blood sugar levels indicate your body

This is how low blood sugar levels indicate your body

For the functioning of the body to work smoothly, it is very important to have the correct blood sugar level. But when the blood sugar level of the main source of energy of the body becomes extremely low, it is called hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is often associated with diabetes, but many times people who do not suffer from diabetes also have this problem. The body itself signals when it is low blood sugar level. So let's know about these signs

Main characteristics

There are many symptoms in the body when there is low blood sugar level. Some of the main ones are- Blurred vision, fast heartbeat, sudden mood changes, sudden nervousness, fatigue without reason, pale skin, headache, hunger, tremor, dizziness, weakness, difficulty speaking, sweating, difficulty sleeping, Tingling in the skin, trouble in thinking or focusing and fainting etc.

Serious signal

Although the body gives signs when blood sugar is low, but there are some signs which are quite serious and if you see this sign then you should be alert immediately. Prominent among these signs are- Confusion, abnormal behavior, inability to complete routine tasks, blurred vision, unconsciousness etc. People with severe hypoglycemia may look as if they are drunk. They may have mispronounced their words. 

May cause trouble

The problem of falling blood sugar levels should never be ignored. People who ignore it and do not seek immediate treatment may become unconscious or experience seizures. Not only this, a person can also go into coma due to this problem.

Know the reason

By the way, the problem of low blood sugar can be due to many reasons. But the most prominent reason for this is a side effect of diabetes treatment. Diabetes affects your body's ability to use insulin.

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Take caution

If you have low blood sugar, then it is very important that you take extra precautions. Such people should talk to their doctor about taking a prescription for glucagon. Also, due to low blood sugar, unconscious person should never give anything to the mouth, due to this they can suffocate.