Use black pepper and flaxseed in such a kitchen in the kitchen, these benefits will be

Use black pepper and flaxseed in such a kitchen in the kitchen, these benefits will be

Linseed keeps the body healthy. It contains protein, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B etc. It can be eaten in any form, by adding raw, cooked, powdered flour to it. No more than two teaspoons of flaxseeds should be eaten a day.

Medicinal properties
Boil two teaspoons of flaxseed in two glasses of water. When the water remains half, then filter and drink this decoction in the morning on an empty stomach. It provides relief in diabetes, thyroid, heart blockage, paralysis etc. Sleepiness and fatigue are also removed. Hair loss stops by taking half a teaspoon of flaxseed seeds on an empty stomach every morning. Linseed eliminates the problem of hot flash in women.
How to
roast linseed without ghee-oil and roast it. Make a powder and add it to vegetable or flour Roasted flaxseed can also be taken. Mix the linseed with roasted fennel, cumin and fenugreek seeds and use it as a mouthpiece.

Medicinal properties of black pepper

By chewing its four or five grains empty stomach, digestion becomes correct. Eating black pepper causes hunger pangs. Its powder is useful in tea, soups and vegetables. Bursting black pepper in salads and sandwiches doubles its taste. It can be used in citrus-sweet pickles of lemon. Its use in oatmeal enhances the taste. Its effect is warm. Reduce its use in summer.

Use of
black pepper beneficial in diseases is beneficial in heart disease. It is helpful in lowering cholesterol. Black pepper and sugar candy should be eaten after the fast. Black pepper makes muscles strong. Chewing two to three grains of black pepper with a little sugar provides relief in hiccups.

Consumption of black pepper more than it is hot causes stomach problems. It should be used sparingly for children under two years of age and pregnant women.

Epidemic: The risk of corona can be reduced up to 90%, these measures will have to be done

Epidemic: The risk of corona can be reduced up to 90%, these measures will have to be done

These days Corona is wreaking havoc on the whole world. But we can reduce its risk to some level by taking some measures. Researchers say that by washing hands and covering the face at least 6 times a day, the risk of corona infection can be reduced by up to 90%. If you apply mask, up to 90% infection from droplets can be prevented.

The risk can be reduced by up to 90%:

The researcher says that some masks are such that air rapidly comes in from the edges. While the Surgical and Tested Homemade Mask prevents air flow. It is the safest if the mask does not have air to go around.

Researchers conducted research on seven different types of face-covering masks. These included medical masks and homemade masks as well. Researchers say they also prevent corona.

According to researcher Dr. Felicity Mehanowell, whether it is homemade masks or surgical all these are successful in preventing the virus coming directly.

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