32 Afghan women footballers reach Pakistan after escaping from Taliban

32 Afghan women footballers reach Pakistan after escaping from Taliban

Afghanistan is now ruled by the Taliban. The condition of women here is very bad under Taliban rule. Taliban are threatening women players. Now 32 women football players from Afghanistan have reached Pakistan with their families. They were facing threats from the Taliban. According to media reports, emergency humanitarian visas were issued by the government to evacuate these women football players. After this all these women footballers reached Pakistan.

Had to go as per schedule
These players of Qatar national junior girls team were to go to Qatar as per schedule where Afghan refugees are housed in a stadium of 2022 FIFA World Cup but a bomb blast at Kabul airport on 26 August Because of that they could not do so. The bombing killed 13 Americans and about 170 Afghan civilians.

Hides were then to prevent the Taliban's footballer
According to media reports, these female players was facing threats from the Taliban to play football. According to this report, after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August, these players had been hiding to escape from the Taliban. A UK-based NGO 'Football for Peace', with the help of the government and the Pakistan Football Federation (which is not affiliated with FIFA), started bringing these 32 players to Pakistan.

They will be kept in Lahore
FIFA President Gianni Infantino met Afghan refugees during a visit to Doha last week, but FIFA has been criticized for not taking any steps to help these women footballers in Afghanistan. These women footballers will travel from Peshawar to Lahore where they will be kept at the headquarters of the Pakistan Football Federation.

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