Army flees in rocket attack: airport targets in Iran, explosions explode

Army flees in rocket attack: airport targets in Iran, explosions explode

Baghdad: There has been a major attack on the Military Airport in Iraq. Here, the US-led coalition army army airport has been targeted. In such a situation, about 10 rockets were fired on this military-important base on Wednesday. Coalition forces and Iraqi security forces have shared information about this. But it is not yet clear whether there was any casualty in this attack or not. At the same time, several attacks were carried out by rockets at Ain al-Assad military airport at 7.20 in the morning, the spokesman of the coalition army, Col. Wayne Marotto, said in a statement.

Launch pad used for attack

According to Colonel Wayne Marotto on the attack on the military airport, Iraqi security forces are leading the investigation into the attack. Meanwhile, a statement from the Iraqi army has been revealed. It also states that no major damage has been done in this attack and that the security forces have detected the launch pad used for the attack.

Let me tell you, the rocket attack happened here, when Pope Francis is going to visit Iraq two days later. The Pope is also scheduled to visit Baghdad, southern Iraq and Irbil during this time.

Air raid targeting

In fact, the US last week launched airstrikes targeting the bases of Iran-backed militia organizations near the Syria-Iraq border. Ever since the US attack, the counterattack was being feared that the attack might be in response to the US attack.

In such a situation, after the US action, the Pentagon said that the air raid was done keeping in mind Iran-backed Qatb Hezbollah and Katab Syed al-Shuhada at the border control point.

Further Pentagon spokesman John Kirby also said, "The attack is a response to the attack on US and coalition forces in Iraq." If needed, America will continue to carry out such action even further.

Prince Harry did not fulfill the promise of marriage, the woman reached the Punjab court, know what happened then

Prince Harry did not fulfill the promise of marriage, the woman reached the Punjab court, know what happened then

National Desk: The Punjab and Haryana High Court shattered Palvinder Kaur's dream of marrying Prince Harry of Britain. A lawyer by profession, Palvinder Kaur herself appeared in the case to plead her case and demanded legal action, arrest warrant against Prince Harry for not fulfilling his promise to marry. Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan's court expressed sympathy for the female lawyer but dismissed her petition on 8 April.

The judge said, "After hearing the talk of the petitioner, I feel the impulse to marry Prince Harry rather than this petition." He even said that it might be said that Prince Harry is sitting in a cyber cafe in a village in Punjab. This alleged promise regarding marriage was made through an e-mail from a female lawyer. The petitioners are also confused about the names and have merged their name with the name of Kate Middleton, sister-in-law of Prince Harry. The female lawyer has called for action against Prince Harry Middleton, son of UK-based Prince Charles Middleton. 

The woman has requested the court to direct the British police to take action against Harry. He also demanded an arrest warrant against Prince Harry so that there would be no delay in his marriage. But all these arguments had no effect on the single bench. The judge said in his judgment, "This petition is very bad both from the point of view of grammar and knowledge of request and it refers to an email between the petitioner and Prince Harry, in which the said person promised to get married soon by sending an email." Have done The court asked the petitioner if she had gone to Britain, then she said that no she has not gone. The petitioner said that the conversation took place through social media and he has also sent a message to Prince Charles that he is engaged to his son. 

The judge said, "It is well known that frauds are opened on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. and this court cannot rely on the veracity of such conversations." He said, there is every possibility that this so-called Prince Harry is sitting in a cyber cafe in the village of Punjab and is looking for good prospects for himself. The court said, "The court has not found any basis for taking cognizance of this petition and can only sympathize with the petitioner that he has accepted such fake conversation as true." Therefore, the petition is dismissed.