Climate change: Climate change is spoiling the taste of your favorite dry foods

Climate change: Climate change is spoiling the taste of your favorite dry foods

 Climate Change Climate change has become a cause of concern for the whole world. Many countries are facing unpredictable conditions of floods and droughts. Food security is also facing a crisis due to sudden change in weather and global warming. Lecturer Charit Ratnayak of Australia's University of Sunshine Coast, based on the changes in Australia's climate, has described how the changing weather is creating a crisis for the food processing industry.

Changing composition of fruits and vegetables: Drought in Australia is getting worse . Dry weather affects the quality of fruits and vegetables. It is more difficult to convert fruits and vegetables prepared in more dry climates into dry food. Dry food is widely consumed in Australia. Along with this, about 70 percent of the product is also exported. In 2018-19, Australia exported various types of raisins worth $251 million (about Rs 185 crore). Climate change is becoming a crisis for the economies of many countries dependent on such dry food.

This is the effect of drought on the growth of plants and their products: Continuous drought conditions reduce the amount of water in the cells and tissues of plants. This changes the composition of fruits and vegetables. For example, apples become tougher when they are dry, and drying them makes it difficult to make dry food. There is also an increased risk of plant shortening and reduced production. Potato chips, raisins and other such dry foods are also difficult to process. Not only this, their taste is also affected and sometimes such products are no longer usable.

The situation is getting worse around the world, the need to take care of it in time: The report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned that if steps are not taken in time, the situation will get worse. Global temperatures are rising rapidly. Certainly, the drought situation in Australia and other areas with similar climate will be more severe. The Government of India has taken several notable steps in the recent years towards the promotion of food processing. The crisis of climate change could weigh heavily on these efforts as well.

The path of solution will emerge only with the vigilance of the governments: Of course, the first solution to this crisis is that all the governments together take necessary steps towards reducing the dangers of climate change. The emission of greenhouse gases should be controlled, which reduces the risk of global warming. In addition, researchers and engineers from Australia are also researching changes in the process of food processing. This will make it easier to make dry food from fruits and vegetables with a modified structure. However, this is a complex process and would require understanding the changes that occur in plant cells. This method is temporary. Reducing the dangers of climate change is the only permanent solution to come out of this crisis.

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