Corona havoc in America, 2,579 deaths in a day, 935 in Brazil and 793 in Russia, know the condition of other countries

Corona havoc in America, 2,579 deaths in a day, 935 in Brazil and 793 in Russia, know the condition of other countries

Everyone remembers the western media making a ruckus on the situation in India during the second wave of Corona, but now similar situations are being seen in America, the most powerful and resourceful country. Despite the decline in daily cases of infection in the US, an average of 2,000 deaths are occurring per day and the delta variant of the virus is being found in 99 percent of the cases of infection. Not only this, Russia and Brazil are badly affected by the corona epidemic.

2,579 people died in a day

According to the American newspaper 'The New York Times', the seven-day average of deaths in the US reached 2,012 on Saturday when 2,579 deaths were recorded in the country on Friday. The daily new cases of corona reached 2.85 lakh on September 13, but since then it has come down and on Friday, 1.65 lakh new cases were registered in the country.

Increasing number of children in hospitals

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned on Saturday that the rate of hospitalization of children in the country is increasing. Dr. Anthony Fassi, the country's top infectious disease specialist, said, 'Now more children are coming to hospitals because the delta variant spreads more rapidly to both adults and children.' At the same time, according to the report of news agency AP, 108 people died of corona infection in Arizona on Saturday while 2,742 new cases were reported. So far 19,487 people have died of the epidemic in Arizona.

More than birth deaths in Alabama

Last year recorded more deaths than births for the first time in the history of the state of Alabama. State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said that a total of 64,714 people died in the state last year while 57,641 children were born. This did not happen even during the First and Second World Wars and the 1918 flu pandemic.

Health emergency declared in Alaska

According to the news agency AP, 11,275 cases were registered in Florida on Friday. So far 3.5 million cases have been reported in Florida while 51,240 people have died. Alaska has recorded more than 1,200 new cases per 100,000 people in the past two weeks. The military leadership has declared a public health emergency in view of the increasing cases in Alaska. Military personnel have been asked to avoid going to places where wearing masks is not mandatory.

Booster dose necessary to defeat Corona: Dr. Fasi

At the same time, according to the news agency IANS, America's top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fassi said on Sunday that a booster dose of the vaccine will soon be necessary for maximum protection against corona. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has rejected the widespread use of a third booster dose in people 16 years of age and older. The FDA has included data from a recent Israeli study in its proposal that showed that a booster dose of the vaccine could protect people over the age of 60 from both infection and serious illness.

Infection increased again in Brazil, 935 died

The situation in Brazil does not seem to be improving. Cases of corona infection are increasing again in Brazil. Brazil ranks third in the world in terms of infected. According to the report of the news agency Reuters, 150,106 new cases were reported in Brazil on Saturday while 935 people died. So far, more than 2.12 crore cases of corona infection have been reported in Brazil, while 590,508 people have died. Brazil ranks second in the world in terms of deaths from the pandemic.

793 killed in 24 hours in Russia

Corona deaths are not decreasing in Russia. In Russia, 20,174 cases of corona infection were registered in the last 24 hours, taking the number of infected people to 7,274,928. In Russia, the epidemic has killed 793 people in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of dead to more than 1.93 lakh. At the same time, 5,814 new cases were reported in France, with which the number of infected has gone up to 7,037,931. In Italy, 26 people died of infection on Sunday while 3,838 new cases were reported.

Britain will try the recipe used in the treatment of Trump 

In the UK, 29,612 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours, taking the number of infected people to 7,429,746. In Britain, 56 people died of infection in one day, taking the number of people who lost their lives to the epidemic to 135,203. According to the report of PTI, the treatment given to former US President Donald Trump will be adopted on serious patients of corona in UK hospitals. Britain's Health Minister Sajid Javid said that treatment with Ronaprev has been started for serious patients.

More than 46.8 million deaths worldwide

According to the report of news agency IANS, the number of corona infected worldwide has increased to 22.81 crore, while more than 46.8 lakh people have died due to the epidemic. America is the most affected country in the world. The US remains the world's worst-affected country with 42,048,376 infected and 673,464 deaths.

Where did Corona come from... Questions raised on China again

Taking a U-turn, the science magazine Lancet has published an open letter quoting 16 international scientists, demanding a transparent investigation into the origin of Corona. The Lancet has said that direct evidence of the origin of the corona has not yet been found, which cannot rule out the possibility of it leaking from the laboratory. A year and a half ago, the Lancet had rejected the lab leak theory. Read this report for detailed information- 

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