Iran's nuclear scientist was killed with the help of robots, Mossad targeted

Iran's nuclear scientist was killed with the help of robots, Mossad targeted

On November 27 last year, Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsin Fakhrizadeh was targeted by Israel's intelligence agency Mossad. Fakhrizadeh's death had dealt a major blow to Iran's nuclear program. Some reports said he was targeted by a group of gunmen.

A recent report has confirmed that Mossad actually used robots for this operation. The entire operation was conducted through remote. Israel had been trying to target Fakhrizadeh for several years, but without success.

In the meantime, when the US began negotiations for nuclear disarmament with Iran, Israel halted these operations. Later, after America came out of the deal with Iran, Mossad again started preparing to kill Fakhrizadeh. This time a special machine was prepared. It was transported to Iran in pieces and prepared there.

Immediately after the attack on Fakhrizadeh, Mossad also blew up the truck from which the machine was aimed. No evidence of this could be found. The use of remote-controlled machines for such missions has greatly increased the strength of the Mossad.

Please tell that Mohsin Fakhrizadeh was Iran's chief nuclear scientist. He was called the father of Iran's nuclear program. He also led the country's nuclear weapons program. The security experts of Western countries considered him very powerful. The New York Times compared him to J. Robert Oppenheimer in 2015. Oppenheimer was a scientist and led the Manhattan Project. He made the first atomic bomb during the Second World War.

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