Know in 5 points why PM Modi's US visit was very special, Pakistan and China worried about India's sharp diplomacy

Know in 5 points why PM Modi's US visit was very special, Pakistan and China worried about India's sharp diplomacy

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has returned from his five-day visit to America. During this, PM Modi addressed the United Nations General Assembly and also participated in the Quad Summit. In such a situation, questions are being raised that how successful was his visit to America. Has India been successful in its diplomatic mission in America? The question is, in what case was this visit of Modi to America historic. What will be its implications in future. Let us know from the point of view of this visit of Modi by experts. How successful do experts consider it to be.

A- Terrorism and Afghanistan became the agenda in the Quad summit

1- Prof Harsh V Pant says that Prime Minister Modi's visit to America can be called very important in terms of diplomatic achievements. It is because of Modi's successful diplomacy that the agenda of Afghanistan and terrorism was included for the first time in the Quad Summit. This is a big victory for Modi diplomacy in the international arena. At the Quad Summit, India openly raised the concerns of Indian interests following the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan.

2- Pant said that in the Quad meeting, India was able to prove that Pakistan's interest in the Taliban regime is anti-India. He made a distinction between the words and deeds of Pakistan and proved that he is fostering terrorism. India expressed its concern with the Quad countries regarding its internal and external security. India also expressed its concern about its economic interests in Afghanistan. Let us inform that Indian interests were shocked by the sudden withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan. India had also expressed surprise by this move of America.

B- The meaning of the meeting of Biden and Modi

1- Prof. Pant said that President Biden gave special attention to the leaders of the Quad when the top leaders of the whole world were present in the United Nations General Assembly meeting. In this sequence, the personal meeting of President Biden and PM Modi has special significance. From this the diplomatic capability of India can be gauged. Due to Modi's successful foreign policy, India was given a special importance in the international world. The whole world saw it with their own eyes.

2- Let us tell you that earlier there was no program of personal meeting between PM Modi and President Biden in America. While converting it into the program of the US President, his program was kept with Modi. The style and atmosphere in which this meeting took place was very positive. Biden tried to connect his strings with India. These are indications of how much the US is interested in relations with India. Its great implications. Especially when India is fast on its path of development in the 21st century. With this, the alliance of China and Pakistan is presenting a new challenge to India in the strategic field.

C- India's vaccine diplomacy was successful, China got worried

In the Quad summit, India was also successful about its corona vaccine diplomacy. India has completely worried China about the vaccine. In the Quad summit, Indian companies have agreed to make one billion doses of the American company Johnson & Johnson's corona vaccine. This is a big diplomatic victory for India. With this, India will give a new challenge to the Chinese-made vaccine. Quad countries have decided to work together for the safe supply of semiconductors. This can give a tough competition to China. China is busy increasing its influence in the world with its second-class vaccine, so India can become a better alternative to China for many countries of the world.

D- PM Modi and President Biden came closer

Pvt. Pant said that the first meeting of US President Joe Biden and Modi was very impressive and interesting. This personal meeting of both the leaders took place in a very positive atmosphere. After the friendship of former US President Donald Trump and Modi, Biden and Modi's chemistry will also pay off. Biden proved in this dialogue that America is a true friend of India. In the course of the talks, Biden also mentioned his earlier visit to India. He told Modi that a Biden lives in India too.

E- Modi's impressive speech at UNGA

In the presidential speech of the United Nations General Assembly, Modi managed to draw the attention of the whole world to China and Pakistan without naming any country. Prime Minister Modi addressed the United Nations General Assembly for the fourth time in more than seven years. In his speech, the leaders present in the General Assembly applauded on three issues. When he gave his example referring to the strength of democracy in India. After this, when he invited vaccine manufacturers from all over the world, referring to the corona vaccine, and finally when he mentioned the situation in Afghanistan.

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