Pakistan-backed Khalistani organizations get land in America, threat to India

Pakistan-backed Khalistani organizations get land in America, threat to India

Pakistan-backed Khalistan is rapidly taking its roots in America. A top US think tank has warned that Pakistan-backed separatist Khalistani groups are quietly tightening their grip on the United States. He also mentioned that the US government has been indifferent to curb anti-India activities, despite appeals made by New Delhi.

The Hudson Institute, in its report 'The Conspiracy of Pakistan's Destabilization: Khalistani Activism in the US', published on Tuesday, assessed the conduct of 'Khalistan and Kashmir separatist groups within the US' to examine the support extended by Pakistan to these organisations. Is.

The report looks at the ties of these groups with extremist and terrorist organizations in India and the potentially harmful effects of their activities on US foreign policy in South Asia. The report indicates that 'like Islamist terrorist groups based in Pakistan, Khalistan groups may emerge under new names'. It further states that 'unfortunately, the United States government has shown no interest in violence perpetrated by Khalistan activists, even though the most staunch supporters of the Khalistan campaign are based in Western countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America.

The report said that unless the US government prioritizes monitoring of extremism and terrorism related to Khalistan, it is unlikely to identify groups that currently engage in violence in Punjab in India or are preparing to do so. are. The Hudson Institute states that forecasting is an important part of national security planning, and therefore, examining the activities of Khalistani groups based in North America is critical to preventing a recurrence of violence organized by the Khalistan movement.

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