Scientists claim - now land is not needed for farming, bread will be prepared through air

Scientists claim - now land is not needed for farming, bread will be prepared through air

Chinese scientists have claimed that in the next few years agriculture will be without land. Not only this, scientists believe that bread will also be cooked through air.

According to scientists associated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, bread can be made through air. He also said that in the coming few years humans will not need land for farming. A research team from the Thienchin Institute of Industrial Biology has synthesized starch using carbon dioxide for the first time in the world.

Scientists claim that this will prevent humans from using agricultural land in the future. Food can be produced industrially using only carbon dioxide.

This paper by Chinese scientists, published in the international academic journal Science, states that the annual starch production of 3 cubic meter reactor is equivalent to 1 hectare of maize field. If large-scale industrial production can be realized, then mankind will not worry about food shortage. China claims that this achievement has actually exceeded the significance of the Nobel Prize.

The report states that apart from oxygen, the most important substance in the air is carbon dioxide. Chinese scientists use carbon dioxide in the starch-forming reaction. In other words, in the future, the bread we eat every day will be made from air. It takes several months for maize to grow from a single seedling in the field, while synthetic starch takes only a few hours. If humans can realize industrial methods for the production of food, then there will be plenty of supply of food grains and fodder for humans.

Chinese scientists say that if this happens, people will no longer need to cultivate large tracts of agricultural land, the cost of raising livestock will be greatly reduced, and existing farms will be transformed into beautiful meadows and forests. Will go This will also reduce the problems of carbon emissions and greenhouse effect. Also, the living environment of mankind will be hundreds of times better than it is now.

Starch is not just a type of food, but also a high molecular carbohydrate. Starch provides more than 80 percent of the calories in all grains and starch is also an important industrial raw material. There is a long-term search by scientists from different countries to make starch by industrial means.

Right now we emit tens of billions of tons of carbon dioxide every year and the resulting greenhouse gases have become a problem for governments of all countries. If carbon dioxide could be converted into starch, it would not only reduce the problem of global warming but would also completely replace the agricultural planting practices that have been going on for more than 10,000 years.

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