Taliban seizes $124 million from former top Afghan officials, including Saleh

Taliban seizes $124 million from former top Afghan officials, including Saleh

 Afghanistan's Taliban-controlled central bank said on Wednesday it had seized nearly $124 million in cash and gold from former top government officials, including former Vice President Amarullah Saleh. The central bank said in a statement that the money and gold were kept in the homes of officials, although it is not yet known for what purpose it was kept. The Taliban claimed that they had received $650 million from the house of Amarullah Saleh. The Taliban said they also found gold bricks from Saleh's house. The Taliban also said that it was only a small part of the total money they received. Amrulla Saleh's whereabouts are still unknown. Amarullah Saleh and Ahmed Masood have moved to a safer place since the Taliban took over Panjshir. Fighting is still going on in Panjshir Valley.

He has vowed to oppose the Taliban in Afghanistan, which came to power a month ago. Last week a member of his family said that the Taliban had killed Saleh's brother Rohullah Azizi. Not only this, the Taliban were not even allowing Rohullah's body to be buried. Rohullah was fighting the Taliban in Panjshir for the past several days. He was also the commander of a unit of the National Resistance Force. In a separate statement, the bank urged Afghans to use the country's local Afghan currency.

Accounts of political figures of former Afghan government frozen

There is concern in Afghanistan that the country's banks and firms are short of money, especially the dollar, which is widely used. After two commercial bankers said the Taliban were looking to recover assets belonging to former government officials, the central bank last week issued a circular to local banks asking them to freeze the accounts of former Afghan government political figures.

deepening economic crisis in afghanistan

A month after taking over Afghanistan, the Taliban are facing many major problems, where drought and famine are spreading. Meanwhile, there are fears that by the end of this month, 1.4 crore people could be on the verge of starvation. After four decades of war and thousands of casualties, Afghanistan's economy is in ruins. The World Food Program fears that food may run out by the end of September. About 1.4 crore people could reach the brink of starvation.

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