Tension in relations between Taliban and Pakistan, flights banned

Tension in relations between Taliban and Pakistan, flights banned

 There has been a tussle between the Taliban and the government of Pakistan over flights. The Taliban have threatened to ban PIA, accusing Pakistani airlines of exorbitantly increasing ticket prices. On the other hand, Pakistan's state-run airline PIA has suspended all its flights to Kabul citing security reasons. Afghanistan's Civil Aviation Administration said that Pakistan's International Airlines (PIA) and Afghan private airline Kam Air's flights between Kabul and Islamabad would be banned if the Pakistani government did not revise the air tickets to the same rates as before the Taliban regime.

The cost of tickets for flights between Kabul-Islamabad is 2.5 thousand dollars

The Taliban government has alleged that since they came to power, Pakistani airlines have suddenly increased the price of tickets from Kabul to Islamabad to $ 2,500, from $ 120-150 before the Taliban came to power. The Afghan administration has sought help from the Afghan people, accusing the airline of violating the rules. Also said that if the rules are violated, he should give a complaint to the airlines in writing.

All flights suspended due to security reasons

At the same time, according to Dawn's report, Pakistani Airlines PIA said that due to security reasons, it has suspended all its flights to Kabul with immediate effect. Pakistani Airlines spokesman Abdullah Khan said all flights to Kabul would be suspended until further orders. He said flights between Kabul and Islamabad were resuming even in difficult circumstances, while all other countries had stopped their flights. He also said that the interference of the Taliban administration in the rules of their flights has increased significantly.

Taliban's behavior with Pak officers is very scary

More than a million Western citizens and Afghans were evacuated after the Taliban took over. Flights between Afghanistan and Pakistan have been severely limited since the reopening of Kabul airport last month. The PIA said that since the new Taliban government was formed, its employees in Kabul have faced last-minute changes in rules and flight permissions and "extremely intimidating behavior" from Taliban commanders. It said that the representative of Pakistan was kept at gunpoint in Kabul for hours and was freed only after the intervention of the Pakistan Embassy.

One killed in Kunar bomb blast

Kunar, ANI : A local security official was killed and 12 others were injured during a bombing in the Kunar province of Afghanistan. According to Tolo News, no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the bomb blast near a bridge in Asadabad district on Thursday. Among the injured are six local security forces and six other Afghan civilians.

talks between Turkey and the Taliban

Ankara, AP. Afghanistan's new Taliban rulers have reached Turkey and started talks with Turkish officials. According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, a high-level delegation of Taliban has arrived here. According to a Taliban spokesman, the first phase of meetings in the capital Ankara took place between the Taliban delegation and senior Turkish government officials. The Taliban party is being represented by acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mutaqi.

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