The Labor party's lead over the Tory party decreased in the first week of Rishi Sunak taking over

The Labor party's lead over the Tory party decreased in the first week of Rishi Sunak taking over

In the first week after Indian-origin Rishi Sunak took over Britain's power, the Labor Party's lead over his Tory party has come down. YouGov research has revealed that the Labor Party, which held a 27-point lead over the Tories during Liz Truss's tenure, is now only 16 points.

Tory 28, 44% support for Labor
However, Keir Starmer of the Labor Party still holds a strong lead over the Tory Party. Voters were dramatically cut off from the Tory party due to Truss's policies. After assuming power last week, Sunak says that the first enemy is inflation. Controlling it is the only way to stop the interest rate hike. However, he is also facing criticism for giving Suella Braverman the post of Home Minister again. Sunak is also under pressure to cut off the COP27 meeting to be held in Egypt. According to the data released, the Tory has the support of 28 percent of the voters and has increased by five percent. On the other hand, the Labor Party has the support of 44 percent of the voters and it has come down by six percent from last week.

A media report has revealed that Prime Minister Liz Truss's phone was hacked when she was foreign minister. According to British intelligence agencies, Russian hackers hacked Truss's phone to gain access to highly sensitive information, including the Ukraine war and private conversations between Truss and a political ally, Kwasi Kvarteng. The hacking of the phone came to light when Truss was in the race to become prime minister in the summer. The report claimed that Russian spies are suspected of hacking Truss's phone. The opposition Labor Party has demanded an independent investigation into the phone hacking. On the other hand, a UK government spokesman said the UK has a robust system in place to deal with cyber threats, including regular security for ministers.

People's confidence in economic ability too
Voters also have confidence in Sunak's ability to take economic decisions in the current situation. 33 percent said they would like a Tory government led by Sunak, while only 29 percent expressed their desire for a Labor government led by Keir Sturmer. Last week, 39 percent of people were in favor of the Sturmer government, while only 11 percent were in favor of the Truss government. Keir's party had a lead of 37 points, but it fell to just 28 points in the figures on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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